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2013 Tag - PaganSquare - Join the conversation! Wed, 28 Jan 2015 01:56:14 -0800 Joomla! - Open Source Content Management en-gb Solstice Meditation Day 7: Gemini and the Trickster For a recording of this Vision working, please click here:

Mercury is the ruler of Gemini and the Trickster, and all the Mercurial correspondences work when evoking the Trickster gods. Carnelian, Agate and multicolored or mottled stones are the minerals of Mercury. Scents such as lavender and storax are excellent to use in the form of incense and oils. The Lovers card, depicting the dual nature of Gemini, is the Tarot Trump associated with this sign. The Divine Twins can be siblings, but also the anima or animus, the compliment, of the other. 

Since this working will be a microcosm of the forces for the month when the Sun is in Gemini, you might want to pull a Tarot Card, Rune, Ogham or any other divination omen before, or after the workings, to give yourself further insight. 

Entering into a meditative state. Prepare yourself and your space.

On Day Seven of the Working, we call upon the Trickster God, the one who helps us see both sides of any situation, the one who tricks us out of our mind, our unhealthy beliefs and our rigid constructs. 

We call upon the Trickster God

Within your heart is the maturing child of Light, growing stronger each day, each working, within you. 

As you walk the Royal Road of Starry initiation, you enter into a realm of twilight, of change, for Gemini marks a period between seasons, of change, between spring to summer. There, between, all things are possible. 

Rising up to meet you in this twilight of the stars, is the trickster god. Often the trickster is cloaked or masked, as appearances can be deceiving. 

Commune with the Trickster. See if you can get past first appearances, to a deeper, truer form. Beware, for the Trickster might seek to trick you, for good for ill, who can say. Use your wits. Discern. Work with your Blade of Truth. 

The Trickster can help us see what others cannot see, to teach us to see the hidden signs. We find them among the stars, and within our hands. We find them in cards and within the omens of nature. Everything is endlessly speaking to us, if we but had ears to hear. The Trickster tells us one of our goals is to learn all that when can, when we can. You never know what information will be needed. 


Bring the Child of Light, the Child who holds the blessings of the 

Father, Rebel, Ecstatic, Warrior and Steward

to the Trickster, the Nameless Namer, who sees beyond seeing. 

What strange thing will the trickster do to bless you? 


Receive the Wisdom of the Trickster, understanding there is more than one point of view in all things, more than one way to see, more than one way to be. 


We thank the Trickster God. Blessed be.


What happens in this vision will help you unfold your experiences for the Month when the Sun occupies the sign of Gemini. 

For more information on the Temple of Witchcraft, please visit Blessed be! 

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Solstice Meditation - Day One: One Mother's Night - The Great Goddess To be Guided through the journey, use this link to download the MP3:

Though beyond and including all correspondences, the scent of Myrrh and dark stones such as jet, obsidian and garnet can help you connect with the Goddess. The last of the Tarot Trumps, the World or Universe card, gives us imagery to work with her.

Entering into a meditative state. Prepare yourself and your space.

Today we celebrate the birth of the Sun God. We honor and celebrate the Great Goddess as the Mother of All. We attune to her as the Goddess here with us, in the flesh and blood and in the land, as well as the great creatrix of the heavens, giving birth to the highest and deepest principles of light.


We call upon the Goddess, The Lady of the Earth and Starry Heavens,

She who is the Dark Mother of the Starry Winter Night, to be here with us now.

Hail and Welcome


Envision the northern stars, immortal, never descending or diminishing. They are undying and deathless, like the Goddess herself. Attune to the force and form of the Star Goddess. She encircles the Earth and her body is the universe, but seemingly hear heart around which all revolves is in the Northern Stars.


And through her is the power of all women. Think of your Mother, for good, or ill. Think of your Mother's Mother. Think of your Grandmothers, and Great Grandmother, and their mothers. Think of the sacred line of Holy Mother's from which you come, reaching all the way back to the stars.


and we welcome the Child of Light


We call upon the God, the Lord of the Sky and Sun,

He who is the Child of Light growing wise in the Darkness, the Oak King,

to be here with us now. Hail and Welcome.


Around the worldis the path of the Sun, Moon, and Planets, the ecliptic that rises in the East and Descends in the West. Both the space that declares seasons, and the space of stars, tropical and sidereal, are the Zodiacs of the Child of Light. As he is born, the Sun begins to wax. The sun travels through the twelve in the course of the year. The Sun rises to it's peak and descends to the depths, every day, and through the course of the year. And from Winter Solstice to Summer Solstice to Summer Solstice, starts the journey again Northward in his rising. Attune to the power of the Sun as the Child is about to be reborn through the Star Goddess.


Through the Sun Child think of all that is to come. All who have incarnated upon the World. All who will come. Our our own rebirths into the world, time, and again.


Focus on the blessings of wonders, starting with the primal scream of the Goddess giving birth to the God, just as she once screamed out the Logos, the first sound, and gave birth to all things, her Song.

Be reborn.

Let go of all that which does not serve you from the last year.

Like a new soul incarnating. Let it go.

Remember, but be unattached. It was a life time ago.

Be in the current moment.

How do you feel?


As you are reborn, feel the potential of the world being reborn with you.

All the horrors of the past are released.

Everything can start new. Everything can be fresh.

Again, remember, but all that came before can be renewed in this new incarnation

Join us all in the Garden of the Gods, in the time beyond time and the space beyond space.




Move beyond the being the One who is Given New Life

Go beyond the New Life of the Earth

Become one with She who is giving the new life

Become one with the stars.




This meditation is offered freely to anyone wanting to use it to take part in these workings, but the work is drawn from the Temple of Witchcraft. As a nonprofit 501c3, we always appreciate your tax deductible donation to keep our work going in the world. You can donate at Thank you.  

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40 Days of Ritual to Keep Abortion Legal Here in the Deep South, it's been a rough few months for women's health. The passage of a draconian anti-abortion law -- despite the courageous efforts of Texas State Senator Wendy Davis and her allies -- has led to the closing of several women's health clinics, and will lead to the closing of many more. In Arkansas, one of the most restrictive abortion bills in the country was signed over the summer, banning the procedure in most instances later than 6 weeks. At no other time in American history since Roe v. Wade have women's reproductive rights been so under attack.

A large portion of the work I do as a Feminist Witch centers on securing social justice for women, including the right to bodily autonomy and self-determination. I see my pro-choice politics as a logical extension of my spirituality. Part of what draws me to Feminist Craft is the idea of empowerment through ritual and magick, and my feminist politics hold that we can never be truly empowered until we have control over our fertility -- from having the ability to prevent or terminate a pregnancy, up to and including the ability to make our own choices about how, when and whether we will birth and raise children. Although I am committedly child-free, I am passionate about reproductive justice for all -- not just choice but justice in terms of access to resources that allow us to make choices.

October marks an annual campaign called 40 Days of Prayer to End Abortion, led by many conservative Christian groups. These groups hold prayer circles in their homes and outside women's health clinics and pray for an end to abortion. Pro-choice Christian groups have formed a counter campaign, 40 Days of Prayer to Keep Abortion Legal. Given the number of pro-choice Pagans out there, I have launched my own event this year: 40 Days of Ritual to Keep Abortion Legal.

This campaign is exactly what it sounds like. For 40 days, I am inviting Pagans of all paths to engage in whatever spellwork, ritual, or spiritual work they choose, with a focus on keeping abortion and reproductive health care safe and legal for all. You may work in groups or alone. You may choose to do the same ritual every night, or engage in different workings. You may do full-blown ritual, a simple candle spell, or dedicate your meditation practice to the cause of reproductive justice for the next 40 days. There is no wrong way to participate -- the goal is to have as much energy flowing toward the goal of safe and legal access to abortion and other reproductive health care as possible. There's no need to curse or work against those who are behind laws like Texas' and Arkansas', or to direct negativity at protestors, as tempting as that may sometimes be! Instead, our goal should be to offer protection for those seeking reproductive health care and protection of the right of access to that care more broadly.

If you'd like to join in 40 Days of Ritual to Keep Abortion Legal, there's nothing official you need to do -- just engage in the work. I'd love it if you'd comment here telling me you're in! You can also join our (very new) Facebook page -- share pictures of your altars, descriptions of your rituals, and just connect with others to build the energy.

40 Days of Ritual to Keep Abortion Legal runs from October 7-November 16. It's perfectly fine if you can't participate all 40 days -- any energy towards the cause of reproductive justice is welcomed!

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Feeding the Needy through Pagan Pride

Good morning everyone and welcome back! And yes, I hope those of you who have the day off are having a relaxing Labor Day. We're getting ready to get our grill on, with one dish already prepared and a few others in priming stage. We always make too much when we grill, so we make sure what we make, we actually will eat the leftovers.

With that said, it's fitting to remind myself about the people who don't have the luxury of not liking leftovers. My dad would tell us stories of real hunger, like the time he sneaked out into the kitchen to eat a raw potato. I have my own stories too; some of which we had nothing to eat, times where a loaf of bread was dinner, the times where we triple checked the couch cushions so we could roll enough pennies for chicken pot pies, and yes, the times we, as a family with small children, would walk several miles to our uncle's pizza shop to beg him for a free pizza.

And oh my yes, let's not forget the donations we received from the food pantries. Sometimes it was okay, but oftentimes, the stuff we got was awful. There were always canned green beans (which, to this day, I can't stand - not even green bean casserole), canned pumpkin (WTF are we supposed to do with THIS?), a giant brick of government cheese (which I'll attest makes the best grilled cheese sandwiches ever), a huge box of powdered milk (even mixing it with real milk was still awful), that restaurant-sized can of peanut butter and a few other odds and ends. A good trip was when there were things included like the ever-popular favorite: Spaghettios. That was a special treat - something most American kids took for granted we never had on our own - and honestly, we did not savor eating it. Yes, we woofed it down and wanted more, and that was knowing full well that was something we wouldn't count on seeing again anytime soon.

Some people question why poor people are always poor, and I would like to provide a link to a couple articles that puts things into perspective in a way I never could have.

- The 5 Stupidest Habits You Develop Growing Up Poor

- 5 Things Nobody Tells You About Being Poor


The author, John Cheese - yeah, this guy gets it. He's definitely been there. I read both of those articles several times, and each time, I'm in such surprise on how much his experiences paralleled my own. The thing about real food tasting weird - yup. The part about over-compensating. Nailed that one, too. Even the part about stocking up with craptacular freezer foods, only to have them become freezer burnt in a couple weeks and therefore inedible - yup, been there as well. If you grew up in a solidly (upper) middle class background and can't honestly relate, or your only experience of "being poor"  is roughing it on Ramen noodles in college because you spent your allowance on Friday night's kegger, try reading the articles a few more times. 

With Mabon being just a few weeks away, I'd like to encourage you to participate fully with the food drive aspect of the Pagan Pride days happening in your area. We're celebrating our bounty, the Pagan Thanksgiving, if you will, and giving thanks means to be truly thankful for what we have. I know for certain we're blessed, so whenever there's a food drive, I do more than the basic requirement of a single, non-perishable donation. (Take my green beans, please!)

Here is a post I just submitted on a few boards for this Sunday's Greater Chicagoland Pagan Pride:

"Ron, Ryan and I will be swinging by. Last year, we got some awesome bath towels from one of the vendors, and I'm hoping we'll find another special item or three again this year.

Each of us will be bringing a bag of groceries to contribute to the food drive. They say *1* non-perishable item, but really, if you hit Aldi, or you're a couponer, or you just really know the sales, you too can bring a large bag of groceries for about $10. I'd like to inspire others to do a little more than give away that can of ____ (green beans, in my case) from the pantry you have no intention of eating. Please consider giving foods your family actually likes, non-perishable of course, but stuff you actually like and think others would like, too. The more food we give, the bigger impact we'll make, and bigger charity impacts mean the more we're valued as equals.

Cheap yet healthy foods: Spaghetti and sauce (can be as little as $1 each, meaning it would take a mere $2 to feed a family of four!), breakfast cereal/oatmeal, condensed soups and vegetables, bottled juices, etc.

Also, please consider buying items that require no effort to eat: Crackers, peanut butter, (pop-top) cans of soups, ravioli, beef stew, tuna fish, etc. The neediest of the needy are living out of their cars and have no way to even boil water.

See yas Sunday and happy Labor Day!"


Last year, they collected a whole wall of food (photo courtesy of Greater Chicagoland Pagan Pride, which only shows some of it!), and I'd like to see a second wall stockpiled for 2013!

This year too, just to keep in theme with our military brethren,
Selena Fox of Circle Sanctuary will be honoring Military Pagans as part of the Opening Ritual:

"Join me & many others at Chicago Pagan Pride Day, Sunday, September 8 in Oak Park, 11am-6pm. I will be facilitating the Opening Rite & presenting a Fall Equinox workshop, Circle Sanctuary will have a booth."

 Since our son Ryan will be coming with us this year, I hope we can make it for this as well!

Well, I just wanted to get the word out, wish you all a wonderful Labor Day and Mabon, and I will be back next month! Take care and many blessings to you and yours!

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