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climate change Tag - PaganSquare - Join the conversation! Fri, 30 Jan 2015 14:24:01 -0800 Joomla! - Open Source Content Management en-gb PaganNewsBeagle Watery Wed Jan 21

Howdy Pagan News Beagle fans! Today we are going to concentrate on stories about the actual Element of Water. (I know, revolutionary!) Today we've got atmospheric rivers; melting glaciers; growing sea ice; heavy surf; and a (possible) Saturnian lunar ocean.

This new scientific study focuses on the atmospheric rivers that arise off California (and provide much of the rainfall for the entire West Coast of North America.

Melting glaciers (due to climate change) have previously unrecognized side effects: increased carbon dumps into the ocean.

At seemingly the other end of the spectrum, the rapid growth of Antarctic sea ice (which, unlike land-based ice, doesn't directly affect sea level) *also* is an indicator of climate change.

Nothing like gorgeous photos of heavy surf for a cold winter's day. (California dreamin' anyone?)

Surf might be up on Saturn's moon Mimas, according to NASA. An underground ocean there would certainly explain puzzling features of that moon's unusual gravitational wobble.

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PaganNewsBeagle Earthy Thursday Jan 15 2015

In today's Earthy Thursday post, the Pagan News Beagle brings you the Pliny Award (for Best Volcano); Gravity Glue; Amber Lotus tree-planting; tiny house living; tribal climate change adaptations.

Did you know there's an award for best volcanic eruption of the year? (Me, neither.) Well, drum roll, please, the Pliny Award for 2014 goes to ... (follow the link)

This video highlights the mind-bending environmental artwork of "Gravity Glue." Just natural elements, so far as I can tell (it's in Turkish.)

Body-Mind-Spirit publisher Amber Lotus is happy to announce they have planted half-a-million trees as part of their sustainable carbon-offset program. (Full disclosure, Amber Lotus used to publish the calendar of our magazine SageWoman back in the early 00's.)

Ever thought of paring down to live in a Tiny House? Here's how *two* families made it work.

From Indian Country Today comes the story of eight tribes who are already working to adapt to climate change.

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The War of the Elements: A Folktale of the Latter-Day Hwicce in an Age of Climate Change

They say that once the elements were at war.

The land quaked, and the sea rose up to drown it. Wildfires raged; the winds wreaked havoc.

The people were frightened and sent a delegation of elders to the forest to speak with Him of the Horns.

They found him sitting at the foot of an oak, wearing Grass Snake around his neck. He heard their words, and when they had finished, he took Grass Snake in his hands. Grass Snake began to grow and grow until he was as big as the world. Then he wrapped his long body around the whole world and took the tip of his tail into his mouth.

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PaganNewsBeagle Earthy Thursday Dec 18

In today's Earthy Thursday post, the Pagan News Beagle celebrates unearthly Icelandic beauty; carbon sequestration to the rescue?; lesser-known stone circles; the wild foxes of Chukotka; the beauty of mad mushrooms.

The Nordic landscapes of Iceland take our breath away. (Note to self: add Iceland to the Beagle's bucket list!)

Does this little-known project in Iceland hold a potential way to fix climate change through carbon sequestration?

Stonehenge gets all the press, but these lesser-known Neolithic stone circles are equally fascinating!

Enjoy these wonderful photos of the wild foxes of Chukotka. (Top-notch geography props if you know where this remote region actually is located!)

Santa may not have munched on shamanic mushrooms (see Jason Mankey's post featured in yesterday's Pagan News Beagle) but these psychedelic-worthy mushrooms will make you think that you have!

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PaganNewsBeagle Earthy Thursday Nov 13

In today's Earthy Thursday post, we've got stories about our one-and-only biosphere: opening North Carolina forests to logging?; thirsty forests in California; crowd-funding dark snow res in Greenland;an emerging food economy; pickling for fun and sustainability;  wonderful slot canyons.

In a move that has southern environmentalists up in arms, the US Forest service has proposed opening 70% of the massive Pisgah-Nantahala National Forest in North Carolina to industrial logging.

An unexpected side effect of climate change is fast-growing conifer forests in the Sierra Nevada mountains in California. Good news? Not if you are a human (farmer or city dweller) competing for water with the increasingly thirsty trees.

Climate scientist Dr. Jason Box is mostly famous for popularizing the research on the effect of dark snow (snow blackened by soot from increasing high altitude forest fires) on the melting of the Greenland ice sheet. He's currently crowd-funding equipment for his 2015 research.

Yes! magazine shares a wonderful article on the fun and sustainable art of pickling food.

Check out these photos of some of the most beautiful slot canyons in the world.

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PaganNewsBeagle Fiery Tuesday Nov 11

It's Fiery Tuesday at the PaganNewsBeagle, and today we have stories that reflect on the recent elections; the gap between knowledge and opinion; recent court cases involving religious rights; and a new reaction to climate change news.

Overlooked in the recent Republican gains in last week's election is two opposing issues that won big: voters supported raises in the minimum wage and the legalization of marijuana.

What percentage of Americans are immigrants? The average guess is 32%, which is off by 250%. (The correct number is 13%.) This report points out that in many "hot button" issues, people worldwide are off on their statistics, often vastly overestimating the extent of perceived problems.

An atheist recently won a million-dollar-plus settlement after being sent to jail for not attending a faith-based drug treatment program. Do you think the court made the right decision?

A Sikh woman and former IRS employee was fired because she insisted on wearing her ceremonial religious knife to work. She just won her suit for wrongful termination. Do you think she had a reasonable case?

A new movement believes that climate change is real, unavoidable, and catastrophic and that our only true reaction is to mourn the end of life of the planet, a stance some call "planetary hospice." This editorial disputes this position, and castigates its supporters. What do you think of this approach?



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PaganNewsBeagle Watery Wednesday Oct 15

In today's Watery Wednesday we are concentrating on the Element of Water -- literally! A Viking-style burial at sea; bottled water and the California drought; coastal cities under threat due to sea-level rise; thirstiest plants; California water witches; and swimming the wild waters of New York City.

A recent Viking-style burial drew attention from Heathens and Pagans who'd like to do likewise. The Wild Hunt's Cara Schultz has the story.

Uh-oh. Many of the major bottle water companies are based in drought stricken parts of the country -- primarily in California. Check out the map (and the story) here.

Coastal cities are already experiencing high-tide flooding due to climate change. Find out where with a comprehensive state-by-state map (programmable for various future sea level rise scenarios.)

Which common supermarket foods require the most water to grow? Check out this handy comparison guide.

Water-witching is coming back big time in California.

A few intrepid swimmers (and at least one who calls herself a witch) get right into the water by swimming the canals and rivers of New York City. Check out this unique story at the NY Times.


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