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A life-changing journey started two days ago for me, and it involves driving over a thousand miles with everything I own (which only half-fills my car) to start my life over. I'll be stopping at several places along the way, turning an emotionally painful one-way trip, into an adventure of self-discovery. Well, doing the best I can, there's no denying the tears and pain.

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The Morning Veneration One of the common topics brought up in conversation with me is how I go about bringing my spiritual practice into my life in more authentic and regular ways. People remark that sometimes they feel like perhaps they're not as Pagan as they could/should be when they just do stuff eight times a year, or when they need to cast a spell or send healing energy. Here's at least one thing you can do to bring that spiritual path under your feet every day instead of just eight times a year.

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Magick Amulet for Gardens

As I’ve written in many articles, gardening is a form of ritual, a work of gratitude and veneration for the gods. It also has some practical sides to it, such as helping feed my family, and providing a source of peace and joy in my life, and it’s a good workout. Feeding my family is an important function of the gardens, so I have many rituals and other methods of using magick to help them. One of those methods is by using amulets. A lot of people believe that a magick amulet is simply something that one wears for protection or something purpose, but that isn’t close to the entire story of amulets or their uses.

There seems to be much confusion or conflicting ideas about both amulets and talismans, how they’re similar and different, and what forms they take. A comprehensive examination of amulets and talismans is beyond the scope of this article, but let me just submit to you that amulets do not have to be worn, or indeed take the form of something that even could be worn. Approaching this method of magick from that perspective certainly opens up a lot of creative possibilities; one of which is what I call the Garden Crop Amulet. This magick amulet takes the form of a sigil created using the A.O. Spare method, but reproducing the sigil, as with any amulet or talisman that may have one, is only part of the task.

Using the Garden Crop Magick Amulet

It is best to manifest this magick amulet when the waxing moon is at its fullest. The easiest way to manifest the sigil is to draw it on a piece of paper to be buried deep in the garden soil, or draw it on or carve it into a small stick that can be stuck into the soil. After drawing or carving the sigil, hold the paper or stick between two hands on visualize the pale lunar energy funneling into your head and filling up your form like a cup. When the cup is full, pour that energy into the amulet you’re holding changing it from a pale white to a vibrant, pulsating green. You should pour this energy not from your hands into the amulet, but from your mouth in the form of a single, committed breath.

The Sigil

If you'd like the sigil for your own gardens, visit my blog at:

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A look at the year ahead

Just over a week into the new year and that means it's time to put some plans into action, and look at the year ahead. One of which is steering this blog's content in a more useful direction by providing practical information on how I bring "my" Paganism into my everyday life as well as further explaining more about my spiritual practice, our homesteading adventures, observations of the world and Pagan community, and how that all fits together, even if not perfectly.

Believe it or not, today is a great day for thinking about 'blue' moons! While I don't consider them anything special, plenty of people do. I do admit, however, that it's an extra opportunity to do some full moon-based magick! The funny thing about blue moons is that most people have no idea how to tell when one is going to happen without looking it up in an almanac or the internet.

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