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65 years ago the number of new pagans in the world was negligible. Now we number (possibly) in the (low) tens of millions, in (probably) every country of the world. (Did you know that there are New Pagan movements in virtually all of the Turkic-speaking countries of Central Asia? G****e Tengrism.) (Tengri = Blue Father Sky.) In the course of the history of religions, that's really pretty remarkable. How in the world did it happen?

According to Sparky T. Rabbit, it's a spell.

Yes, folks, Gerald Gardner cast a spell and zap! Here we are.

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Day 2 of the #13daysofmagic challenge

Today's #13daysofmagic spell is an anti-confusion spell. You can find this spell in the next volume of Modern Witch Magazine, which will be out this winter. 

There were some really great posts on the first day, here are just a few that really stuck out! You can see more by  searching #13daysfmagic on Twitter, Facebook, or Instagram. 

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This year I thought it might be fun to gather some of my close friends and celebrate magic! Beginning October 19th join Jacki Smith from Coventry Creations, Author David Salisbury, Adam Sartwell and The Temple of Witchcraft, Storm Faerywolf from Blue Rose Faery, Black Rose Witchcraft, myself and others for our #13daysofmagic challenge! 



Each day for thirteen days we will post a picture of a spell that we are doing and tag it with #13daysofmagic. At the end of each day I will post some of the coolest looking spells on the Modern Witch blog! You don't have to post the spell its self, just a picture of the spell in action. The last spells will be posted on Halloween, October 31! 



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Don't Frack My Holy Well

Sisters, Brothers, can you spare me a spell?

Can you help me save sacred water in our holy wells?

We have been campaigning to prevent this since 2010 but the Tory government in Westminster that governs Northern Ireland is keen on fracking and have even mentioned the expansion of it in the Queens Speech in Parliament.

While we living in the Republic of Ireland have been painstakingly campaigned blockades county by county in legislation it looks as if the pollution that will honour no international borders on this single island is coming our way.

I live in the Cavan/Fermanagh border counties of Ireland eight miles from where Tamboran intends to start fracking test drills for fracking (hydraulic fracturing) shale gas over the next quarter. This landscape, originally settled by the Tuatha dé Danaan, Ireland's fairy race, is mostly limestone and bog, a network of underground streams, rivers and loughs. The River Shannon originates underground in the caves beneath Fermanagh's Cuilcagh Mountain before rising in the Republic of Ireland in Co. Cavan. The area's natural heritage is of enough international signficence to warrant Global Geopark status.

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Nine Nights Spell I'm not usually much one for spells and such, but a dear friend of mine is in a very dark place right now. If we lived in the same city, I'd mow his lawn or cook his dinner. But we don't; so I'm making him magic instead.

My friend is heathen, and Frey is his heart-god. Heathen is for me a second language, but the (admittedly controversial) identification of Vana-Frey with the Horned God of Witches gives me a port of entry. And indeed, at least one 17th-century Swedish witch confessed that she and her coven called the Devil “Frö (= Frey) (Runeberg 81). The trial is late enough that we cannot rule out the possibility of literary “contamination,” but even if this is the case, precedent is precedent. Interpretatio wiccana, anyone?

The spell is based on the famous passage from Hávamál about Óðinn's nine nights on the tree. While as a poem this may mark the piece as derivative, as a spell it sets up powerful resonances, like a jazz improvisation on a known tune.

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Magically Unsticking

Tarot readings aren't magic, but they can create magic. I've been doing a lot of three card readings via email lately. Normally I do SKYPE or phone or in person sessions but have been guided towards more email readings.

These are short readings since they are only three cards, but I'm finding that the questions asked are creating magic for my clients.

In these readings, I'm getting asked many things but one question keeps coming up.

How do I get unstuck?

To that end, I wanted to share a three card spread you can use for yourself. I will also show you how you can craft a spell using the three cards you get.

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Pagan savings challenge, week two: challenges

This morning, when I went to set aside this week's allotment for the Pagan savings challenge, I was faced with another sort of challenge:  I couldn't find the envelope with the money in it.  I was being practical, I thought, by not leaving it out in plain sight; even if robbers don't break into my home, out of sight is out of mind, so I will be less likely to spend it.

Note to self:  there's a very fine line between out of sight and out of sight.  It does me no good to not know where the money is in the first place!

But there are some interesting lessons here.  I did find that envelope, but if I had not, it would have meant the loss of one dollar.  The same error in six months' time would have meant coming up with $351, a much larger chunk of change.  Money compounds over time, but it starts out slowly, like an avalanche, a wave, or the movement of a continent.

And to be faced with an obstacle so early on reminds me that, as the pile of cash grows, the number of reasons to spend some will also multiply.  That's why I don't want to remember where I keep it during the week.

What kinds of things might you write on the envelope to discourage spending?  Prayers?  To whom?  A spell?  What would it say?  A simple warning, like Don't Spend This in red letters?

Pagans of all stripes, teach me how you would handle this particular type of temptation.

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