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Posted by on in Culture Blogs

Pit Vipers Can 'See' You, Even in the Dark | HowStuffWorks


Watching the unfolding of Putin's bold-faced invasion of Ukraine this past week and more, I could hardly help but ask myself: in a like situation, what would I do?

Would I flee? Would I stay and fight? If so, how? I've never been trained to weapons. I've never even fired a gun, or wanted to. The gods help those now faced with such cruel decisions.

No one doubts that the land war in Ukraine won't last long. What then?

In the media today I've been hearing much of insurgency: the war after the war. Witches understand insurgency. We should: we've been fighting a spiritual insurgency for hundreds of years now. The Witch's Way is naturally insurgent.

Witches are mostly not ones for frontal attack, for overwhelming force. Witchery tends to act by indirection: over, under, and around are our ways.

I think of the words of Old Woman to Artos the Bear: We are the viper that stings in the dark.

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Posted by on in Culture Blogs

 File:Put ratnika by Andrey Shishkin.jpg - Wikimedia Commons

In Andrei Shishkin's neo-Romantic painting Put' Ratnika, “The Way of the Warrior,” a youthful blonde soldier in camo fatigues, with backpack and a machine gun slung over his shoulder, stands on the edge of a stone circle gazing—respectfully, one gathers, to judge from his removed helmet—upon the statue-menhir of an ancient Slavic god.

The god is himself a warrior, with helm and sword. Before him burns a sacrificial fire; behind him, a cloudy army rides across the sky.


As Mariya Lesiv describes in her 2013 book The Return of Ancestral Gods, contemporary paganism in post-Soviet Russia and Ukraine tends to be characterized by both a profound social conservatism and a pronounced nationalistic character. In the ongoing Russian-backed war in Donbas—the two break-away provinces in south-eastern Ukraine where fighting has continued since 2014—there has been a noteworthy pagan presence on both sides of the conflict, including one all-pagan battalion named for Svarog, the ancient pan-Slavic god of Fire. To judge from the kolovrat patch on his shoulder, Shishkin's soldier may be a member of one such. Perhaps we are to understand that it is he who has lit the sacrificial fire.

If Russian President Vladimir Putin goes through with his proposed invasion and annexation of Ukraine, we can be sure that there will be pagans fighting among both the invading and the defending forces.

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Posted by on in Culture Blogs


In Which Our Intrepid Blogger Ties a Knot in Putin's Dick


Magic has always been the power of the powerless.”

(Bruner Soderberg)


Gods: where is a suicide bomber when you need one?

In the technical language of magic, a ligature is a spell of binding: in particular, the binding of a man's sexual potency.

(Whether or not there exists a female equivalent, I don't know. Reply hazy, try again later.)

To ligate is to tie off with a ligature; the act itself is ligation. Ligature refers specifically to the cord with which one does the binding. The word comes from Latin: perhaps the Red Crests, themselves no mean imperialists, were especially adept at this particular magical technique.

I suppose that, in a way, it's consoling to be reminded that, when it comes to politics, Americans have no corner on either narcissism or stupidity. (Even considering Putin's longstanding inferiority complex vis à vis the West, though, outsmarting the Trumpster is still a pretty low bar of achievement.)

Still, when it comes to despicable, you've got to admit that Vovchik's right up there with the Donny-boy himself. A man who stoops to poisoning his enemies really can't sink much lower.

Compared to cowardice like that, what is an act of magic? Vladimir Vladimirovich Putin, man without honor, I tie a knot in your dick.

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