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PanGaia #16 - Summer Magick

PanGaia #16 cover

PanGaia #16 - The Beast Within

The Beast Without, The Beast Within: Shapeshifting and Animal Spirits · Interview With John Seed · Questioning the Grail Myth · The Mythic Language of Crop Circles · Summer Solstice: Gift From the Goddess · Down In the Flood: Pagan Fiction by Nisi Shawl · Gods of Our People: Living With the Lesser Gods · H'omana: Native Religion of Hawai'i · Science and Mysticism: Siblings Under the Skin · The Goddess Made Me Do It!: A Modern Temple of Isis · Reweaving Shiva's Robes: Protecting and Renewing Sacred Sites · Toe to Toe: How Flamboyant Should Pagans Be? · Seasons of the Earth: Beltaine · EarthMother Stories: Red Riding Hood & the Wolf · Family Living: Gathering Around Fire · What's Up: The Summer Constellations · Mundane Magic: The Power of Questions · Rental Goddess: Pagan Comics · 80 illustrated pages. Edited by Diane Conn Darling. Published in Summer 1998.

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PanGaia #15 - Springtime in Ireland

PanGaia #15 cover

PanGaia #15 - The Trees of Ireland

The Trees of Ireland: Fighting For the Last Great Forests · A Druid For Our Times: An Interview With Adge, the Fluid Druid · A Boy and his Sword: Father and Son Craft · The Darren Stevens Club: Pagan Fiction by Alex Blesoe · Gods of Our People: Arthur, the Sacred King · Energy of the Goddess: Trantrika, the First Pagans · Children of the Star Goddess: Our Creators the Stars · Where Have All the Flowers Gone?: Activism in Hostile Territory · Toe to Toe: How Do You Define a Witch? · Seasons of the Earth: The Spring Rebirth · EarthMother Stories: Sister Tree · Family Living: The Magic of Candles · What's Up?: The Magic of Comets & Meteors · Mundane Magic: The Power of Attitude · Rental Goddess: Pagan Comics · 80 illustrated pages. Edited by Diane Conn Darling. Published in Spring 1998.

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PanGaia #14 - Samhain to Yule

PanGaia #14 cover

PanGaia #14 - Rituals of Life and Death

The Rainbow Tribe: A Spiritual Family · The Darshan of Kernnunos: An Encounter With Divinity · Psychopomp: Conductors of the Dead · King Ambar and the Vish-Noo Flinger: Pagan Fiction by James Fadiman · God of Our People: Odin the Feminist · Rituals of Life and Death: Japanese Syncretism · Catastrophes & Earth Changes: The Truth Behind Geomyths · Finding Our Talents: Everyone's Individual Magic · Toe to Toe: Can You Be a Christian and a Pagan? · A Secret Place: The Earth as a Temple · Seasons of the Earth: Samhain, Feast of the Dead · EarthMother Stories: The Pack Rat · Family Living: The Making of Instruments, Part 2 · What's Up?: Andromeda in the Winter Sky · Mundane Magic: How We Deal With Death · 80 illustrated pages. Edited by Diane Conn Darling. Published in Winter 1997.

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PanGaia #13 - Wicca 101

PanGaia #13 cover

PanGaia #13 - Wicca 101

Requiem for an Eco-Warrior: The Legacy of Judi Bari · Wheels That Heal: Psychology and the Chakra System · Death, Come Home: Pagan Fiction by James Fadiman · The Ten Bulls: Stages of the Spiritual Path · Path of the Loa: A History of Voodoo · The Nine Layers of Gaea: Spiritual Geology · Right Livelihood by Diane Conn Darling · Toe to Toe: Should Pagans Have Clergy? · Yared's Farm: Insights From a Pagan Farm · Gods of Our People: Apollo and Dionysus · EarthMother Stories: The Love of Demeter and Persephone · Wicca 101 · Seasons of the Earth: Harvest Rituals · Family Living: The Making of Instruments, Part 1 · Green Fire: Ecology vs. Automobiles · Mundane Magic: Mysticism in the Modern World · 80 illustrated pages. Edited by Diane Conn Darling. Published in Autumn 1997.

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The Blessed Bee #1 - Summer

The Blessed Bee #1 - A Pagan Family Newsletter


The Blessed Bee #1 - The Challenges of Pagan Parenting

The Challenges of Pagan Parenting · The Wise Child: Tarot Cards · Magical Parenting: Allowing Mistakes · Pagan Homeschooling: Breaking Misconceptions · Mama’s Herbal Medicine: Healthy Memories · Crafty Ideas: Let’s Make A Sabbat Tree · Earth Mother Stories: Demeter & Kore · Songs for the Inner Child: Needed Tunes · The Poetic Muse: Hearing Hest & Other Poems · The Lesson · Breastfeeding Ritual: An Honor to the Nursing Mother · Becoming Demeter: The Sacred Healing Circles of Home & Family · Edited by Lauren Foster MacLeod. Originally published in the Summer 1999.

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SageWoman #87 - Sacred Lands

SageWoman #87
  Sacred Lands

SageWoman #87 -  -.
Some places are just special -- amazing lands that make us sigh with relief, uncurl our tensions, drop our worries, and open us to the Goddess. In this issue of SageWoman, we share the stories of women who have found their magical place, and what it means to them.

In our opening story, "Where the River Springs from the Mountain," Nadya King share the story of a magical hot springs, and the community there that she was called to become a part of. (Spoiler: that community still exists, and Nadya tells us where it is!)

Jude Lally grew up in the high reaches of Scotland, truly a mystical land. In “Ancient Mothers of Loch Lomond" she describes the otherworldly beings that still inhabit those ancient mountains, and what They have taught her about our relationship with the Land.

“Our home is magical, although I didn't realize it right away," writes Terra West, in "Home is Where the Goddess Is." Terra grew up in suburbia, and found her Goddess-rich paradise in an urban homestead.

Surely fairyland is far, far away from the steel towns of the Upper Midwest. Or, maybe it's closer than we think. In "Fairyland in a Factory Town," author A. Jean Linder takes us on a journey to the many fairy-rich, healing places of her childhood and a special park where she still finds the magic today.

Glastonbury Tor: fabled land of Avalon, surely a very special place to meet the Goddess. Klara Adalena had indeed, had many magical experiences there. But one night her pilgrimage took a surprising turn. She tells us the rest of the story in "A Night on the Tor."

The Mojave desert: desolate, sparse, and uninviting. But also a place where author D. Noel Knower found a very special kind of message from the Goddess, one she shares in "A Desert Epiphany."

One of the more unlikely places to find peace would seem to be the suburban, concrete subdivisions of Orange County, known more for the "magic" kingdom of Disney than any natural beauty. Yet Kaeti Gugui kept being drawn back there by the call of an obscure goddess. In "Mestra: Recoving the Sacred Grove in Orange County" she shares the insights she has learned about making "ruined" places sacred again.

Experience the magic of one perfect afternoon on a Pacific beach with Shekhina Margaretta von Recklinghausen in her essay, "Earth Angel."

Lisa Wersal found magic — and an unexpected connection to Yemaya — on the shores of a midwestern lake. Her story “Message in a Bottle" could have been addressed by the Goddess to any of us.

Our regular columnists bring their own stories of sacred land to this issue: loremistress Diana Paxson shares the myth and legend of the Celtic water goddess Danu; herbalist Susun Weed describes how she was called to make her home in a former gravel pit; Alison Leigh Lilly finds a humorous message from a horse; and Janet Callahan faces every mother’s dilemma as her young children become more independent.

The wisdom of our regular columnists continues as Donna Henes rises up in righteous indignation at the long-term disregard of our Mother the Earth; Lizann Bassham finds the sacred land of her own body; Anne Hill notes how liminal space can create transformation in our lives, Danielle Black describes her encounter with "Neptune Soup" on a trip to Glastonbury many years ago; Nancy Vedder-Shults relates how she first understood ley lines and the stone circles of southern England; and Crystal Blanton wrestles, as a black American priestess, with the sacrality (and brokenness) of her homeland. Sometimes the Goddess comes to us in a relationship with our companion animals, as Leslie Linder relates, or through the medium of what we create, as Teresa Marbut writes about in her goddess cooking column.

Plus goddess-poetry, reviews of books, music, and oracle decks, and the wonderful voices of our readers in our "readers write" department, the Rattle. We end with Milina Jovanic’s meditation on finding the goddess Cybele on the Greek island of Lesbos. Find your own magical home in the pages of this special issue! 88 pages, scheduled to be published in March, 2015.

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