The Well-Read Witch

The Well-Read Witch
by Carl McColman
New Page Books


Carl McColman, author of The Aspiring Mystic and Embracing Jesus and the Goddess, brings us a comprehensive look at what most of would want our magickal library to look like.

Broken down into three parts (Discovering Wicca, Elements of Wicca, and Wicca in the Real World), the book includes such topics as Classics, The Goddess, Male Spirituality, Shamanism, Kitchen Witchery, and Wiccan Fiction. Each chapter provides a list of books giving suitable information on the topic, and each listing is given a brief commentary.

Any two people will have differing views on which books are the best and I didn’t always agree with the author’s choices. However, McColman provides a thorough and informative database that will allow the reader to view a narrowed down list of books that will likely meet his or her needs. The Well Read Witch is a valuable tool for anyone looking to fortify their Pagan library.


RATING: 3 ½ Broomsticks

» Originally appeared in newWitch #01

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