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• Amy Brown’s distinctively willowy faeries grace books, jewelry, tapestries and clothing. A deal with clothing retailer Hot Topic widened her audience to include young Goths and punks, and her work is frequently used in tattoos that adorn her fans. Her books include The World of Faery and The Art of Faery and The Faery Wisdom Deck. See more of her work at

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Faerie, Faery & Feri: Who’s Who and What’s What

What is Faerie (or Faery or Fairy) Wicca? What is Feri? How are these magickal practices different from other Pagan practices? In general, one could say that these forms of practice differ in that practitioners call upon faeries, elves, and other Fae beings instead of or in addition to other deities. It’s far more complicated than that, of course, but it’s a good place to start. There are several major Fae magickal traditions, and of course there might be as many offshoots of those as there are varieties of Faerie across world culture.

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A Short Guide to All Things Lupa

Books, Articles & Miscellany
(a sidebar to Lupa: Reclaiming Our Feral Inheritance)

"Riding the Red Tide: Practical Menstrual Magic," SageWoman Magazine #67, 2005.

Fang and Fur, Blood and Bone: A Primal Guide to Animal Magic, Megalithica, 2006.

A Field Guide to Otherkin; Megalithica, 2006.

"Pleasure, Pain and Punishment: BDSM and the Shamanic Journey" (with Taylor Ellwood), Konton Magazine, 2006.

"Fucking Through the Looking Glass," Konton Magazine, 2006.

Kink Magic: Sex Magic Beyond Vanilla; co-written with Taylor Ellwood, Megalithica, 2007.

"Totems and Transformation: Psychological Shapeshifting in the First and Second Circuits," in Magick on the Edge; Taylor Ellwood, ed., Megalithica, 2007.

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Lupa's Words for the Wise

(a sidebar to Lupa: Reclaiming Our Feral Inheritance)

Drawn from post-Jungian psychology, aspecting refers to the practice of identifying different parts of one's self through archetypal characters or "aspects." To say, for instance, that you see yourself as a lover, a fighter, and a poet — and to give each of those elements a specific "voice" and personality — would be aspecting yourself through a Lover, a Warrior, and a Poet. Not to be confused with Multiple Personality Disorder, aspecting involves creative, conscious visualization, not disassociation with one's material-reality self.

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Lupa: Reclaiming Our Feral Inheritance

wp20int_Lupa-shroomLife bleeds. Life is raw. Life has teeth and bones, sinew and skin. For all too many of us, though, life is a plastic paradise filled with toothless distractions and virtual vitality. We live our lives surrounded by computer monitors and neutered beasts, claiming to love a feral inheritance but doing little to cherish that legacy.

Lupa wants to change that.

By way of her blogs, the website she shares with her husband Taylor Ellwood, and — best of all — the books they both edit and author under the Megalithica imprint of Immanion Press, Lupa is trying to bring the Wild back to the wasteland of plastic Paganism. Sure, she lives in a modern home; she and Taylor maintain active web presences… and yeah, they're total geeks. Still, Lupa refuses to settle for an air-conditioned life that's factory-sealed for her protection. Lean, fit, and active, she lives the path she describes, and inspires others to do likewise. A shaman in deed as well as name, Lupa favors the raw edge of modern magic, working up a new future with her hands in the soil, in fur, and occasionally even in blood.

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Hometown Pilgrimages

head_Kenaz-Filan_wp-24Looking for the sacred?
It may be closer than you think.

Many Pagans seek the Goddess in primal, unsullied Nature. Some commune with Her in untamed wilderness; others travel to national parks or to campgrounds where trees and green spaces are accompanied by showers and fl ush toilets. They make their pilgrimage to the sacred grove and seek the holiness which exists outside civilization.

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