Faery Connections

Faerie Magick Basics


3 key principles to working with the fae

If you’re a Witch, chances are you have a relationship with the faerie folk, whether you realize it or not. This is because Witchcraft and nature-based spirituality is innately aligned with the energies and wisdom of the Earth, and so are the faeries! So we’re a perfect fit! Our relationship with the faeries can be mutually beneficial, and when we become consciously aware of, and strengthen it, this bond brings blessings to us, to faeries, and the entire planet.

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Abracadabra of Faerie

head_Craig-ConleyWordsmith Craig Conley muses on a magical word that’s also a proper name.

Delving through dusty old tomes in search of ancient expressions of enchantment, I noticed that one command in particular seemed to trace directly back to Faery. I was searching for subtle, mysterious, transformative words, whose vibrations seemed to transcend the laws of physics. One such mystical word proved time and time again to be the name of a great lady Faery. Small wonder that her name has endured as the best-known and best-loved magic word in recorded history.

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Faeries, Faeries, and More Faeries: Artists, Events, Vendors & Guides

Authors and Artists






• Amy Brown’s distinctively willowy faeries grace books, jewelry, tapestries and clothing. A deal with clothing retailer Hot Topic widened her audience to include young Goths and punks, and her work is frequently used in tattoos that adorn her fans. Her books include The World of Faery and The Art of Faery and The Faery Wisdom Deck. See more of her work at www.amybrownart.com

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Faerie, Faery & Feri: Who’s Who and What’s What

What is Faerie (or Faery or Fairy) Wicca? What is Feri? How are these magickal practices different from other Pagan practices? In general, one could say that these forms of practice differ in that practitioners call upon faeries, elves, and other Fae beings instead of or in addition to other deities. It’s far more complicated than that, of course, but it’s a good place to start. There are several major Fae magickal traditions, and of course there might be as many offshoots of those as there are varieties of Faerie across world culture.

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