Spiritual Bathing

Spiritual Bathing  
by Rosita Arvigo and Nadine Epstein
Celestial Arts, 2003


We’ve come along way from Mr. Bubble and rubber duckies!

In Spiritual Bathing, one finds a beautiful tribute to the spiritual significance of the humble bath. Along with other “luxuries” — such as aroma-therapies, spa services, and massage — the healing properties of baths, showers, and saunas are greater than we ever believed, and these practices are now considered necessities rather than luxuries. As the stress and hectic busyness of modern life spirals out of control, there has to be a compensation, a move towards simplicity, relaxation, and nurturance that repairs the damage done to our minds and bodies.

Bainology — the science of baths — is the simplest and quickest way to bring this quality of healing and gentleness back into our lives. Spiritual Bathing is the perfect guide to this delightful healing practice, beautifully illustrated and full of lore.

The use of water to purify, bless, and heal is widespread and in many places it takes on a ritual significance as well. The authors bring forward exhaustive research on the water rituals of Christianity, Judaism, Celtic shamanism, Hinduism, and other cultures to show that water’s religious significance is global. The joys of saunas, Turkish baths (hammam), and hot springs are also touted. Rosita Arvigo, a traditional healer and ethno-botanist, was also trained in Mayan healing arts and brings her own practical experience using florecidas (flower water baths) for healing, dispelling negativity, and celebrating life passages. Nadine Epstein is a Washington area writer and editor, as well as Arvigo’s student. Together they have co-authored three books on the healing traditions of the Mayans. This book brings together years of experience and research in the healing traditions from around the world. As such, the whole book is chock full of lore and personal recollections, as well as a variety of recipes for different kinds of ritual baths, for home and body.

While this book is not as relaxing as a long hot soak in bubbly water, the beautiful photographs and design make reading it a soothing delight as well. Absolutely a treasure!


RATING: 5 Broomsticks

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