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Recent blog posts
A Message from the Guardians: Dark Moon Spell

This little spell will take you deep and far inside yourself. It will greatly empower you and instill in you a much deeper understanding of who you are and what you are here to do. Each of us is as individual as a snowflake, and our souls are imprinted with a stamp of specialness. The closer you get to the revelation of your soul’s mission, the more you will know about why you are here, and even more important, what you are here to do. That is real magic.

The best time to perform this spell is during the dark of the moon, when the night sky is at its darkest.

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Truth Will Set You Free: A Spell for Spiritual Healing and Growth

If you find yourself in need of help resolving a problem or uncovering new resources within yourself, try the following tried-and-true rite. Take a piece of plain white paper and a blue pen and have them at the ready.

On a Thursday, light some blue candles and chant the following affirmation:

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I'll be participating in a round table discussion at the American Academy of Religion conference at UNLV in March. The title is History of Mystery: Pagans in Las Vegas. I plan to blog about the experience here, so stay tuned.

Next up on this post is my brief report about another author's article, with a link. After that I relate some of my recent personal gnosis.

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Two Paths Diverge: A Parting Ritual for Mutual Healing

Maintaining a healthy balance in your friendships is essential. Occasionally, a friendship takes on an unhealthy aspect and there is no choice but to leave it behind. Ideally you will perform this rite after you have discussed it with this person. It will be mutually healing if it can take place with both parties present, but as often as not, you will perform it alone. You will need a black candle for protection, a gray candle to help you keep a low profile, and frankincense incense. You will also need a sharp knife and a length of cord three feet long. Light the incense, and holding your right hand aloft, say:

May the place this night

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From East to West: A Spell for Collective Healing

The ultimate alchemy is to generate positive energy that spirals outward, improving everything in its path. I know of shamans and wise women who have dedicated their lives to doing good works, including some crones who practice in the ancient rainforest to protect the trees, and aborigines who spend their “dreamtime” repairing the earth.

You can contribute to universal peace and healing by burning a white candle, anointed with rose oil, on your altar during a waning moon on Saturday, which is Saturn’s Day. Place a single white rose in water and lay a garlic clove beside some rose incense. Light the incense, then take an herb bundle, light the end, and pass the smoke over your altar to cleanse the space. Chant:

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Healing for Your Love Life: A New Beginning Spell

This spell is excellent to use after a heartbreak or a trying time you may have had in your relationship with a current partner. In the event of a breakup, it may help you meet someone new; otherwise, it can heal hurts between you and your partner and bring on a new phase in your existing relationship. On a Monday morning before dawn, light one pink and one blue candle. Touch each candle with lily, freesia, or jasmine oil. Lay a lily on your altar, adding some fresh catnip if you can get it. Place a lapis lazuli stone in front of the lily, and a glass of water next to it atop a mirror. Chant:

Healing starts with new beginnings.

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Comfort in Company: A Group Ritual to Prepare for Surgery

Call your friends together before the surgery. The ritual can be at your home or any place that feels safe and secure. I highly recommend raising healing energy at the home of the person who is to undergo the surgery, as it will create an aura of restoration. Ask each person to bring something to comfort, reassure, and cure the celebrant: soup, fixings, a soothing eye pillow, sleep balm, a hand-knitted scarf for warmth, body lotion, herbal teas, books, or lavender-infused slippers are all wonderful gifts. Form a circle of care around the celebrant and light candles. Unscented soy candles are probably best for health reasons (and if a gift is scented, it is wise to check with the healing recipient whether that’s okay in advance of the gathering). As you go around the circle, ask each person to give his or her gift of caring to the celebrant and say what it represents. As examples:

I give you this herbal tea mix so you can sip tea and draw from it

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