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Recent blog posts
The Charmed Life: Thriving Thursdays
We all need to give ourselves a health and happiness boost. This spell aimed at abetting menial and emotional well-being is best performed when the hardy spirit of Thor is in ascendance. On any Thursday, take a blue candle, dress it with cedar or bergamot oil, and say nine times:
Fears and woes — I take respite;
Worries and cares — you’re out of sight.
Stronger and happier, I will grow each day;
My soul has found its way.
If you do this for several weeks, your friends will notice as your health blooms and you simply beam with a bright, jolly and renewed sense of self and well-being.
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I'm a virtual panelist on the Polytheist Authors panel talking about representation of pagan and heathen gods and cultures in science fiction at the convention Imaginarium 2021 in July. It's a hybrid con with both virtual and physical attendance.
I was invited to be a panelist by a publisher who knows me for my book reviews in addition to my fiction and poetry. I'll be talking about science fiction novels, movies, and short stories by other authors, and hopefully I'll also talk about my sf universe, Time Yarns, a bit too.
Due to the debut of the new Loki series, social media is full of talk about the Marvel versions of Loki and other heathen gods. We'll undoubtedly talk about that on the panel, too, although I haven't seen the new series yet, since it's on a subscription channel. One new tech expense at a time! I will be debuting my new ability to make video calls at this virtual panel.
Here's the link to the convention:
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Thursday’s Prosperity Incantation

This spell is truly marvelous for getting a new or better-paying job. You will get the best results on a new moon or full moon Thursday night but any “Thor’s Day” will do.

To prepare yourself, begin by pouring a few drops of green apple or verbena essential oil into a hot vessel of water. Breathe in the steam deeply ten times, inhaling and exhaling deeply for cleansing. Light a single green candle. As you close your eyes, meditate on your true desires. What does personal prosperity mean to you? What do you really need? What do you most desire?

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Here in Paganistan, we're heading into our ninth consecutive day of 90-degree heat. Air conditioning being for the weak (or at least the terminally un-stubborn), it's too hot and thick to do anything, including think.

So, something mindless instead. What follows is a list of pagan kid's books that we can all devoutly hope will never be written.


The Dork in the Torc

Expelled from his own time by Druidic magic, ancient Britain's geekiest warrior creates havoc in a modern pagan household.


The Orc in the Torc

A youthful Aragorn son of Arathorn sets out to retrieve an heirloom of power from the most dreaded goblin-chieftain of all.


The Bork in the Torc

How Ronald Reagan's favorite anti-environment judge discovered paganism and became the US's foremost legal eco-warrior.


Le Porque en le Torque

The Dun of the Pigs is under siege by the XIV Legion. Can Asterix rally the animals of Gaul to save it?


The Cork in the Torc

Ancient Celtic warriors regularly went into battle naked. So how did they keep hydrated?

How an unknown Halstatt goldsmith solved the problem.

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Pandemic Fallout - Clergy
There has been a trend in the Pandemic across all religious lines that clergy leaders are changing professions. Paganism is not immune to the trend. 29% is a huge amount. In Wicca, where there are already so few trained and trusted leaders, we can't afford to lose any good people. Yet we are.
What can you do to help? Be aware of the struggles our clergy face. They don't have a salary. They don't have financial security for themselves or their families. They don't even have respect and safety. Mention religious leaders in a public forum and there will at least be a couple of people who devalue our leaders and leadership, not individuals, just leadership in general. Don't let them get away with it. Report mean spirited posts. Confront disrespectful, ignorant, or inconsiderate people. Refuse to participate in hurtful conversations or support people who are generating negative commentary.
Consider what life would be like without the work of your leaders and have respect, appreciation and compassion for the role religious leaders play in your life. Protect them and take care of them. Let them know they are appreciated. Treat them with the principle "Though Art God, Thou Art Goddess". Remember that the path is perfect and just because someone is mad, doesn't mean they don't deserve the experience they have created, and that there are always two sides of the story.
Pete "Pathfinder" Davis, founder of the Aquarian Tabernacle Church, founded in 1979, cultivated a tolerant utopia in Seattle. He made a lot of people angry along the way. He is responsible for so many of our rights that we take for granted today. His life was the life of a warrior. He died with bitterness in his heart, feeling unappreciated and abandoned by the majority of his congregation.
Religious leaders are different, and few. There are not many people who have the ability and the willingness to do what your leaders do. After spending a year with nothing but the hatefulness of facebook cluttering their minds, their spirits are defeated and wondering if it's worth it. Yes, Pete had his flaws. He was a great man. He was a fighter. He was often misunderstood by fragile egos, who were more focused on the promotion of their personality than the bigger picture.
All religions suffer from those who long for greatness, but can't achieve it. All religions suffer from the mentally ill, who feel that attacking someone of notoriety will bring them attention. A man once attempted to assassinate the President of the United States to get an actress' attention. Desperate people distort reality to fit their world view. When you give power to this behavior, it robs everyone of the world that can be created by love, trust, compassion and understanding. When religious leaders are surrounded by lack, giving all they have to create a better world, and nothing is standing between them and those who would take pleasure in watching them fall, so that leader won't be competition for their ego, the world is worse off for it.
If we are going to make the world a better place, we have to do it together. We must stand for love. We must stand against hate in all it's forms. Even hate disguised as pain. Hate is infectious. You cannot heal it, you can only confront it, call it out for what it is, and then walk away from it.
Take action when you see your leaders, or other leaders being disrespected. You might not know what amazing things that have done, and if they quit, you will never know what amazing things they would have done. The world cannot afford this right now.
Belladonna Laveau is the Archpriestess of the ATC International.
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The Writing is On the Wall - Wednesday Waning Moon Magic

In the days of yore, people often made their own inks, thus imbuing them with a deeply personal energy. They simply went to the side of the road and gathered blackberries or pokeberries from the vines that grew there. Often a bird flying overhead will supply a gift of volunteer vines best cultivated by a fence where they can climb, making berry-picking easier. When it comes to matters of the heart, contracts, legacy letters and any document of real importance that you feel the need to make your mark upon, an artfully made ink can help you write unforgettable love letters and very memorable memorandums. This spell is best performed during the waning moon.

Gather the following for your ink recipe: a vial or small sealable bottle, dark red ink, 1/8th cup crushed berry juice, nine drops of burgundy wine, apple essential oil, and paper.

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If it's fake, can it still be inspiring?

Forged artifacts are a fact of life in the archaeological community. How should we, as Pagans who rely on archaeology for our religion, relate to these objects?

I've written before about the problems with the large numbers of forged Minoan artifacts that are still in circulation, many of them in museums. Thankfully, the museums are now recognizing the lack of authenticity and provenance of many of these forgeries and sharing that information with the public.

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