I-Ching Holitzka Deck

I-Ching Holitzka Deck
by Marlies and Klaus Holitzka
United States Games Systems


My copy of Wilhelm’s I-Ching, Book of Changes is stored securely wrapped in red silk; the cloth is said to inhibit any impact from external influences. I haven’t touched the book in years. But, one of the last times I did, my husband and I followed the instruction: “The Superior Man will seek his fortune in the south and west.” At the time, we were in the midst deciding whether or not to accept a job offer that would move our family from Boston to a land-locked city in Ohio. We took the advice. In retrospect, it was a good decision.

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A Witch's Guide to Ghosts and the Supernatural

A Witch's Guide to Ghosts and the Supernatural
by Gerina Dunwitch
New Page Books


When there’s something strange in the neighborhood, who you gonna call?

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Magic and Meditation with Pagan Rosaries and Prayer Beads

Magic and Meditation  
with Pagan Rosaries and Prayer Beads  
by John Michael Greer and Clare Vaughn Red Wheel
Weiser, 2007


Rosaries are used in many religions, and today’s Pagans have adopted this practice as well. Pagan rosaries have multitudes of uses; they’re not only used for prayer, but also for spellwork, chants, meditation, various Pagan rituals, and even for pathworking (my favorite).

Pagan Prayer Beads, by John Michael Greer and Clare Vaughn, is a handy guide on how to plan, make, and use your own handmade Pagan rosaries. What a fabulous magical craft!

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The Psychic Energy Codex

The Psychic Energy Codex
by Michelle Belanger
Weiser, 2007


Michelle Belanger does not want to startle or astonish you. She doesn’t want to mesmerize you with mysterious tales of supernatural occurrences, or impress you with tales of her mad Gypsy family. She doesn’t want to convert you to her spirituality, or sell you assurances that she can make “anybody, even you, a swami or trance medium in ten easy lessons.” What she offers instead, in her latest book, The Psychic Energy Codex, are the tools and expertise to develop your own psychic abilities as far as you can, probably much farther than you believed possible. She does this with such humor, grace and sensitivity that she really manages to demystify psychic awareness.

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Spirit Walking, A Psychic Handbook:

Spirit Walking, A Psychic Handbook: 
The Definitive Guide to Living and Working with the Unseen  
by Poppy Palin
O Books, 2007


While I wouldn’t necessarily call this book the definitive guide, it’s a fairly thorough guide to the basics involved in a magical practice. The author addresses a wide variety of subjects from protection to astral travel, from working with faeries to doing the necessary banishing and cleansing after all the magical work is done.

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Sacred Geometry

Sacred Geometry
by Janosh
Sounds True, 2007


Though it’s become something of a buzzword in today’s alternative spirituality circles, sacred geometry remains one of the least understood of the ancient occult arts. Too many recent presentations of the subject either zoom off into New Age platitudes or end up tangled in a web of exotic speculations about flying saucers, extraterrestrial reptiles, and the like. Both of these can be entertaining at times, granted, but neither one has much to do with the subtle meditative disciplines of traditional sacred geometry.

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