The Psychic Energy Codex

The Psychic Energy Codex
by Michelle Belanger
Weiser, 2007


Michelle Belanger does not want to startle or astonish you. She doesn’t want to mesmerize you with mysterious tales of supernatural occurrences, or impress you with tales of her mad Gypsy family. She doesn’t want to convert you to her spirituality, or sell you assurances that she can make “anybody, even you, a swami or trance medium in ten easy lessons.” What she offers instead, in her latest book, The Psychic Energy Codex, are the tools and expertise to develop your own psychic abilities as far as you can, probably much farther than you believed possible. She does this with such humor, grace and sensitivity that she really manages to demystify psychic awareness.

Belanger herself came from a family where psychic perceptions were the norm, and talked about very casually. However, once she began probing the source and characteristics of these experiences, her family shut her down by calling her inquiries “witchcraft.” She continued with her research and in time became a recognized authority on such arcana as magic, psychic phenomena, and the Gothic and Vampire subcultures. Her many years of work and exploration into the human energetic field and parapsychology makes her uniquely qualified to write what amounts to an “Energy Encyclopedia.”

This book is packed! This is obviously Belanger’s life’s work and she doesn’t write about it casually. She recommends reading the book once through before working the numerous exercises, and journaling to get the benefit of process when the reader does start doing the work. While she has written the majority of the exercises to be done by a single person, she acknowledges that often the learning process is accelerated by working with other people who can provide immediate feedback. She recommends taking a week to work through each chapter and really tuning into the subtle changes you experience. These exercises are suitable for both solitary and group work, and really do quickly increase one’s level of awareness. Some exercises might be familiar, but taken together the Codex provides the diligent reader with a rigorous course in psychic development. Belanger’s writing is clear and concise, even when dealing with the most nebulous concepts. Highly recommended.


RATING: 4 Broomsticks

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