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Magick on the Edge: An Anthology of Experimental Occultism

Magick on the Edge: 
An Anthology of
Experimental Occultism  

Edited by Taylor Ellwood
Immanion Press, UK, 2007


Noted occult author and editor Taylor Ellwood’s latest project is a compilation of cutting edge magickal practice and theory, written by some of today’s most provocative Pagan voices. Magick on the Edge: An Anthology of Experimental Occultism delivers exactly what its title advertises — perspectives on magick that are fresh, creative, audacious, at times a bit scary — all pushing the envelope on more traditional forms of magickal practice.

Ellwood deftly frames a diverse body of writing on what could be an abstract concept. Magick on the Edge provides a variety of perspectives on magickal theory, sorcery, technology, and science in magickal thought and personal transformation. Noted writers, ritualists and culture jammers LaSara Firefox, Lupa, several founders of Key 23, Agent 139, and others contribute some of the most progressive writing on magick to be brought together in a long time. Contributors cover the spectrum of magickal traditions, from Thelema and Golden Dawn to shamanism, chaos magick, Voudoun and Gnosticism, giving Magick on the Edge an authoritative weight to balance its lively, often irreverent tone.

Controversial topics such as space/ time magick, chaos magick, chemo gnosis, and extreme sex magick are given the respectful treatment they deserve, by brave ritualists and magicians who are walking their talk. The result is one of the most intriguing and satisfying new books on magick in a long time. Provocative, irreverent, and challenging, Magick on the Edge will inspire you to look at your own practice with new eyes. Highly recommended — but for the seasoned practitioner only.


RATING: 5 Broomsticks

» Originally appeared in newWitch #17

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