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Spellcraft: Practical Spells for Modern Life

Practical Spells for Modern Life  
by Ann-Marie Gallagher
Penguin Books


A better subtitle for this colorful little tome would be, “128 Pages of Useful Kitchen Witchery.” I liked this book. Her spells are all “harm none.” Her underlying premise is that magic is an art and its medium is symbols. For example, she proposes to lessen the influence of an office bully by running successive copies of his photo through the copier with the toner slide set at minimum, and to keep doing it until his image fades to white. Nothing could be simpler, and this obviously “harms none” other than the office toner supply.

I am not saying this slender volume is adequate training for an ethical witch, but it’s a good place to start. The introduction mentions sympathetic magic, the value of using everyday tools, and the value of color and timing, and notes, “Magic works with nature, not against it.” This book will help one to get a feel for connections and correspondences, and gives good advice on devising one’s own spells. Spell craft is an excellent base from which to grow, and a quick resource for the experienced.


RATING: 4 Broomsticks

» Originally appeared in newWitch #01

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