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Natural Magick

Natural Magick    
by Sally Dubats
Citadel Press


Natural Magic can best be described as a beginner’s guide to folklore, magic, and alternative healing. Pretty much all of the basics are covered, but if you’re looking for information beyond that you’re going to have to look elsewhere. For example, the herbal section contains a disappointing reference section; quite frankly, I’ve seen more interesting and in-depth lore and usage suggestions in New Age catalogs. Ditto for the astrology section, which repeats everything that you’ve already seen between the pages of your average fashion magazine.

Thankfully, the stones and crystal reference section of the book is much more descriptive and in-depth and Dubat’s explanation of the healing uses of stones, and her recommendations for the care and cleaning of stones and crystals, is informative and helpful. Natural Magick covers a lot of ground in a tidy, efficient manner, but, unfortunately, it all boils down to a watered-down and rather magic-less introduction to a fascinating subject.


RATING: 2 Broomsticks

» Originally appeared in newWitch #02

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