Crystal People: Making the Connection

Enter into an in-depth discussion about the world of the Crystal People. In this blog spot we will explore the truth that crystals are sentient beings and learn how to connect with them. We’ll cover all areas of quartz crystal such as how they form, methods of cleansing, clearing and programming, how and why to make crystal grids and other tools, how and where to dig your own crystals and much more.

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PHANTOMS, CONTINUED: Gas Phantoms and Reverse Phantoms

Last week we talked about how Phantoms are formed in Quartz crystals . This week we are going to discuss two variations of Phantoms found in Arkansas. These are: 1. Gas Phantoms and 2. Reverse Phantoms (also called Overcoat Quartz and Snow Quartz). We'll start with Gas Phantoms.


Initially, I was introduced to these beautiful crystals as "Titanium Gas Phantoms". There is a lot of controversy as to what creates them and if titanium is even involved. I choose to call them simply Gas Phantoms. The mine where they were found in Arkansas is now closed, and, as far as I know, they don't plan to re-open it.

The faces of Gas Phantoms have a sort of gaseous-looking spray that looks like spreading fingers from bottom to top. These gassy-looking markings occur inside the crystal. The spray looks like a bluish-grey to white haze or smoke just under the surface and the sides tend to have this smoky haze as well. The really good examples have the spray marking as well as alternating clarity on every other face: one with a light, blue-grey haze (sometimes with a spray), the next clear, one with haze, one clear, etc. I don't have a really good picture of the alternating 'clarity/fog', but here's a good picture of the "sprays".

gas phantom sprays

Gas Phantoms usually also have heavy etching on the faces, but not always. It is my guess that whatever causes the gassy-looking 'sprays' just beneath the surface causes the outer layer of the crystal to be a little thinner/weaker, which subsequently causes this characteristic etching, but like I said, this is a guess. Whatever causes it, it lends a distinctly different energy to these special crystals along with the gassy-looking sprays. Here are a few pictures of what I mean by etching:

gas phantom etching

And here is a side-by-side of the etching and the sprays together:

gas phantom etching and sprays

My friend Smadar at Song of Stones has the most brilliant description of Gas Phantoms and the great lengths she went to to identify how these crystals might have been formed and what mineral might have caused the sprays. She came to the same conclusion as I, that the name or scientific explanation of how these crystals were created isn't important at all, in comparison to the beauty that they ARE. They simply ARE. Here is the brilliant link to her research on what these crystals are called (do they actually contain titanium as the name originally indicated, or...?) and here is a lovely description of her discovery of the Gas Phantoms and a description of their unique energy by Kyanne Eastman as well as some of her own input.

Gas Phantoms are excellent crystals for Lightworkers and those working with the emerging earth energies. I can't say enough how much I love these crystals! While they feel very powerful, their energy is gentle and buttery smooth and they have a soft feel (both physically and energetically). I hope you have the opportunity to work with one of these beautiful Lightworker stones.

OK. That's all I have on Gas Phantoms and up next is


These interesting crystals are known by different names. I prefer to call them Overcoat crystals or Reverse Phantoms, because they seem to be the most accurately descriptive of the terms. Snow quartz I prefer the least, because it can easily be confused with snowy quartz, which is densely milky quartz.

So then, what are Reverse Phantoms? The only ones I have seen are crystal points (or clusters) with a layer of milky quartz coating a very clear crystal point inside. The outermost layer of snow-colored quartz has a very thin layer of clear quartz sealing it in. It is described as a rare crystal variety usually found in Colorado, but the ones to which I am referring come from a couple of mines in Mt. Ida, Arkansas.

The following crystals are very interesting. When I was first introduced to them, I didn’t know what they were, and  the mine owner I got them from wasn’t sure, either. He called them simply “ivory crystals” and didn’t really know anything about the mineralogy of them.

overcoat quartz, reverse phantoms, snow quartz

While checking one of my books (about something quite off subject, of course) I FOUND a description of this  crystal! In Rockhounding Arkansas (a book by Darcy and Mike Howard) paraphrased:

They are apparently a type of reverse phantom… a “creamy white layer of milky quartz” that formed on the OUTSIDE of clear quartz. Mike Howard, a geologist, states in this book that Art Smith (author of Collecting Arkansas Minerals), another geologist friend of his, said that these were usually only found in Colorado, but they have since been found in at least two places in Arkansas. Art called them “Snow Crystals” but Mike preferred “Overcoat Quartz”.

And, similar to the Gas Phantoms, I figure whatever you call them, they are beautiful and they have a wonderful energy. The energy is soft and subtle. I have had at least one of these Reverse Phantoms which, when held in between cupped hands, felt like a small bird lightly nestled there, breathing and lightly fluttering. The energy in all of them is similar to this: soft and delicate and rich.

Physically, the characteristics I have found almost all of them to have is that the insides are very very water clear (you can look up through most of the bases, or if there is any mine damage or imprints, you can see through the milky coating to reveal the insides. The other thing is that they all have lots of rainbows. Both on the inside, as well as on the outer layers of the faces, an iridescent sheen.

Gas Phantoms and Reverse Phantoms, two lovely, rare crystal formations which are a must-have in any crystal lovers' family.

This ends our discussion about the different ways a phantom might present in quartz crystal. Next week we'll talk about Rainbows and revisit Mirror Fractures (from the post on Fairy Frost and Mirror Fractures because Rainbows often present on Mirror Fractures).

Here is a recap of the past posts featuring the metaphysical configurations and links to where you might find these various crystal configurations if you decided you might like to work with them:

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CHANNELER or CHANNELING CRYSTAL (To access higher wisdom, guides, other-world beings)  purchase CHANNELER crystal    read blog post

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BARNACLE QUARTZ CRYSTAL (Wise energy; ‘new souls’ attracted to ‘old soul’ energy)  purchase BARNACLE    read blog post

See you next week for Rainbows and Mirror Fractures.

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Genn John lives in Arkansas near the “Quartz Crystal Capital of the World”. Since the early 90's, she has been a practicing eclectic witch, incorporating such paths as Crystal Wisdom, Wicca, Buddhism, Reiki, Shamanism, Light Language and more. Genn has been acting as the legs for the Crystal People as the Keeper at Arkansas Crystal Works, an internet-based source for crystals and crystal knowledge, since 1995. Having accepted the honor to be their voice as well, she is the author of Understanding The Crystal People: A Handbook for Lightworkers; a crystal reference book for people who desire to fully understand their connection to the crystal kingdom and who wish to enhance their working knowledge of these majestic beings. Genn has also published a 4 part series of coloring books which are a useful tool for anyone with an interest in learning the anatomical structures of quartz crystals. It features precise, extraordinary hand-drawn designs crafted especially for easy coloring and interactive study. Find the store and more at, or her blog at To connect: email -, facebook -, Instagram - gennjohn or Twitter @GennJohn.


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