Urania's Well: Astrology for Changing Times

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Navigating the Waning Year

Posted by on in Culture Blogs



The Autumn Equinox is coming up this weekend, so this is a good time to look ahead to the rest of the year, since (as you know if you’ve been reading this blog) charts of the solstices and equinoxes, also called cardinal ingress charts, are predictive for the quarter ahead.
The chart of the Autumn Equinox (Libra Ingress) speaks loudly of conflict, of the outward expression of strongly-held feelings, emphatic action, of resistance and of change. The important Ascendent and Midheaven rulers of the chart are our current starring couple, Uranus and Pluto, who are just about to form the fourth exact square of seven between the years of 2012 and 2015. This deeply transformative aspect will drive and demand change from each of us, and actively transformative energies will be particularly high during this quarter. (Astrology ahead: note that Mars is strongly activated in this chart — happily ensconced in a fire sign, strongly placed in the seventh house conjunct the Descendent, dispositing AS ruler Uranus, as well as Saturn and Venus. It co-rules the Scorpio MC, and is at the focal point of a T-square. There is a multiple T-square in the fixed signs involving the Ascendent, Mars, Moon, Venus, Saturn and the Moon’s Node.)
One of the primary aspects in the chart (the T-square) suggests that we are going to be seeing a lot of high-handed action, autocratic behavior and displays of ego (Mars in Leo) in the world around us over the next few months, and needless to say, we are also personally at risk of behaving in similar ways, or being victimized by such behavior. To avoid that, we’ll need to consciously choose to be aware of our mental and emotional states, actively work to stay balanced, and keep our personal boundaries strong.  If you are going to take any possibly life-altering actions during this time, be sure to look carefully at all the ramifications, particularly emotional ramifications, and consider the opinions of others before making a fully thought out decision based on your personal values. Be canny and aware of the undercurrents in situations. You may want to play your cards close to your chest, but it’s important not to be in any way underhanded. You will also want to accurately assess whether or not you have the resources to do the things you want to do.
Dig deep. Let go of your preconceptions. You’ll probably be seeing a lot of posturing, defensiveness, self-centered anger and emotional games being played over the next few months, particularly the “blame game”. You may even see those problems manifesting in your own behavior. Defensiveness usually points to areas where we blame ourselves, often unconsciously. Accessing and changing inner emotional realities requires that we be able to forgive ourselves. Otherwise, it can be just too painful to  recognize and confront our faults. Watch for the self-blaming thoughts and work to release the old tape loops that keep replaying in your head. Castigating yourself does not bring change — searching out the light within you and nurturing that flame illuminates your path ahead. Self-forgiveness leads to forgiveness of others and the release of old patterns of anger and projection.

Also, you’ll want to be aware during this quarter that deep and often disturbing issues are likely to erupt suddenly, probably in the context of situations that will require an almost immediate response from you. If you take the time to define, clarify and internalize your personal values before something comes up, then when it does, you can be certain you will deal with it in a way that is congruent with your highest goals and beliefs instead of flopping around like a beached fish. The Uranus-Pluto square is here to help us get rid of all the conflicting beliefs, deep-rooted emotional restrictions and inner hang-ups that are keeping us from recognizing and claiming the creative power of life, our individuality, and our deep, underlying connections. These transformations can be painful, but they do not require pain. They do require a willingness to change and a commitment to expanding awareness. 

We’ll be seeing a lot of ego-driven, Mars-in-Leo behavior on the political and community fronts as well. Discussions about the appropriate use of the US military will be loud, acrimonious and stretch across all spectrums — political, economic, social. Events that highlight women’s rights and sexual abuse are likely to be much in the news, and politicians and organizations that have stood against women’s rights will start to feel some serious pushback. Issues of debt and resources will be front and center.

People or groups in a position of power are not likely to back down, even in the face of considerable resistance. Pluto and Saturn are both sextile and in mutual reception, and Saturn and the North Node are conjunct — there is much at stake in the halls of power, much that that could be damaging if revealed, and so must be protected.

This is a good place to mention the Fukushima situation, which is a massive problem, inexorably deteriorating. There are connections between the charts that delineate this quarter and the natal and explosion charts of Fukushima. “There’s nothing I can do” is simply not true for anyone who believes that consciousness has any effect on reality. Your prayers, meditations and magickal workings are needed — do them. We also frequently seem to forget that simply speaking up to friends and family has an effect on the currents of the zeitgeist — words have power. The Uranus-Pluto square will show us the folly of our casual and negligent use of nuclear energy, and the sooner the world follows Germany’s lead in shutting down nuclear plants and finding ways to deliver sustainable, renewable energy, the more likely we are to survive the lesson. Speak up — in your prayers, meditations and in the world as well. 

Mars is all about getting what you want when you want it. Mars is also, of course, the planet that rules war, and we can’t look at this chart without considering it carefully. Mars is in opposition to the AS, and an unpopular military action is a real possibility. (Astrologers might also want to note that the sixth house, which rules the military, is involved in the T-square through house rulership (Moon) and through the presence of Jupiter, which is in a wide grand cross with Mercury, Uranus and Pluto. The only hopeful note is that Mars is disposed by the Sun, which is, however, in fall. )There will almost certainly be explosions of one kind or another. But governments should be very aware of the mood of the people, who will be actively demanding change, particularly in the areas of public resources and how they are shared. We are also likely to see changing perspectives and real breakthroughs in science and technology. This is one of the most exciting and hopeful manifestations of Uranus in Aries, and some of these breakthroughs may well help us deal with the resource issues that are plaguing us.

Another point to note is that the outer planets — Uranus, Neptune and Pluto — will all go direct during this quarter. When an outer planet stations direct — within a week or two — we frequently see the inner changes that have occurred during the retrograde manifesting in the world — in political, social and economic realms, and also personally. If you have any knowledge of astrology, check to see in which houses these stations occur in your chart — those realms of life will be shifting in some way, particularly if the station point closely aspects a natal planet or point. Catch and ride the wave of change — don’t try to swim against it.  Staying alert, aware and connected will help you end up exactly where you wanted to go when you reach the shore.

If you can’t read your natal chart, then simply be open to transformation. Think carefully about what you want to let into your life, and what you want to let go of. Outer planet direct stations are times of flux, and sometimes of upheaval. But rather than succumbing to fear, take the opportunities that will be offered to reorganize your life and move it to a new level. I’ll have more to say about these stations and about upcoming eclipses in future posts.

The overall tone of the quarter is one of deep change, with overtones of conflict, and intimations of major breakthroughs. Navigating these times with grace will require spiritual awareness, personal discipline and active compassion — for yourself, as well as others. 


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Diotima Mantineia began studying astrology in 1968, taking classes from Zoltan Mason in New York City. For the next 22 years, she practiced astrology only for herself and her friends, continuing her studies while watching an increasingly humanistic, psychologically oriented, modern astrology blossom through the work of leading astrologers such as Noel Tyl, Liz Greene, Rob Hand, Marion March, Stephen Arroyo and Howard Sasportas. In 1986, Diotima began her study of Wicca and started reading Tarot, discovering that she is a gifted intuitive. In 1991, she began practicing both astrology and Tarot professionally. She majored in plant and soil science both in college and grad school, and grows much of her own food and "materia magica" on her land in the mountains of western North Carolina. Diotima’s personal spiritual path is rooted in the Western mystery traditions, the principles of Yoga, and a profound connection with the natural world. Wicca gives structure to her spiritual journey, and she utilizes shamanic practices for healing and to live in harmony with Nature. Over 15 years of studying Chinese martial arts has given her a deep appreciation of Taoist thought which has strongly influenced her magical and personal philosophy. You can find her at www.uraniaswell.com


  • Anne Newkirk Niven
    Anne Newkirk Niven Wednesday, 18 September 2013

    Wow, Diotima, are you sure this isn't *last* month's post? Cuz I sure have been experiencing almost everything you are talking about here already, especially the part about "flopping around like a fish."

  • Diotima
    Diotima Wednesday, 18 September 2013

    Anne, last month's post was titled "Catch the Wave". Sounds like you got beached. Back on your surfboard, surf's still up! ;-)

  • Anne Newkirk Niven
    Anne Newkirk Niven Wednesday, 18 September 2013

    More like caught in a rip tide. I'm swimming back from beyond the surfline as we speak. :)

  • Ted Czukor
    Ted Czukor Wednesday, 18 September 2013

    Yes, this really is freakishly timely. Diotima knows what she's talking about!

  • Diotima
    Diotima Thursday, 19 September 2013

    As above, so below, Ted. :-) Glad you find it useful

  • Byron Ballard
    Byron Ballard Monday, 23 September 2013


  • Emily Mills
    Emily Mills Wednesday, 25 September 2013

    This is amazing. I'm glad I checked in on Pagan Square today. I've had this strange feeling of big change coming since the equinox. My husband had a big decision to make all of a sudden yesterday. It was out of the blue. He had me read Tarot for him and the first few cards worked together to reiterate, "you need to carefully think about this in a logical way". He had been thinking about the topic emotionally and was jokingly displeased with this message showing up in the first few cards. So, we did the classic pro/con chart to help us decide.

    Still, even after that incident, I have just felt like something is coming.

  • Diotima
    Diotima Thursday, 26 September 2013

    Emily, thanks for the feedback. I'm glad this was helpful to you. And yes, with Uranus and Pluto in square, it is, as Byron Ballard calls it, "Tower Time" http://www.witchvox.com/va/dt_va.html?a=&c=words&id=14041

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