Ok...don't fall out of your chairs.  Your eyes are not deceiving you...two posts in one day!  When I saw who the next divinity on my list was...inspiration struck.  #10 on the devotions on the gods from the "graveyard".  


Aestas, Goddess of Summer
skyclad attendant of the Sun
garland in bountiful grains
how I long to embrace you!

Trapped I feel
in this land of snow and ice
whose daytime sun
gives little warmth.

Bountiful Empress
Lady of Heat
memories of your warmth
have no sustenance.

Stifled in clothing.
Where have you gone?
Why do you hide?

Impatient mortal,
all in good time
now is not my turn
the land is not ready
my sister has yet
to have her turn
never fear though
for I am next in line.