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My wife and I have made profound changes in our lives through green Paganism and simple, ecological living, which have resulted in unforeseen, yet very positive opportunities for peace, joy, laughter, and success. In fact, these opportunities have been so powerful, that I was stirred to share them with others, and not keep all these amazing discoveries to ourselves. We 'unplugged from the matrix' that is the cause of so much distraction and busyness in our lives and created a magickal Pagan homestead. I will share some of these discoveries of how, as a Pagan, you can simplify your life, while living more in sync with your purpose, nature and open up an incredible world of opportunity and possibility.

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Growing Gardens Together

When you live as rural as we do, surrounded on all sides by miles of forest and fields, you gain an appreciation for nature that I don't think I ever experienced when I lived in a city. I lived in Colorado Springs, a place which values it's natural spaces and proximity to fantastic recreational areas; it was even voted the fittest small city in the country. However, a lot of my time of living there involved driving back and forth to work through row after row of houses, watching entire neighborhoods and strip malls appear within weeks. I didn't feel the same closeness to nature I do now because it was something I drove to.


Where I live now, on the other hand, is right in the middle of 'nature'. It has a much different feeling. I don't drive to it, I open the front door and there it is! At night, while all the night time creatures are doing their night time creature things, I can look up at the stars and see the vastness of the universe, and it makes me feel very small. It reminds me of just how finite this planet is, but also how amazing. It compels me to want to take care of it, adding a sense of understanding my place in the universe.

During the day, while I tend the gardens and land, I see all the little insects scurrying about doing their little insect things, and it makes me feel very large, like a giant, but it too gives me that defining sense of purpose and place, and desire to take care of it. I think if more Pagans took the time and made this sort of effort, then I wouldn't have to read about the next crazy "controversy" or drama spinning up on the Pagan news blogs. There are some legitimate issues facing us, that's for sure, but a lot of times, we're getting bent out of shape over matters of opinion, and it's really getting old.

So promise me this, tomorrow morning, within an hour after sunrise, you'll find a patch of flowers and watch for all the little insects doing their little insect things, and then tomorrow night, you'll go outside and look up at the universe, not the sky, and let it fill your vision. Let's get some perspective, and focus on more of the unifying qualities; it's doesn't take away from your uniqueness to do so.

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Peter is an American of British and German ancestry who lives in Missouri with his wife Mary, where he is (re)discovering his connections with nature and the Gods. When he's not tending to their homestead, which feeds his family and provides an expression of gratitude and work in veneration to the Gods, he writes for several blogs, and works as a freelance artist/graphic designer. Having many years of experience in various forms of occult systems, including Asatru, Celtic, and Dragon Hollow Wicca, and Witchcraft, Peter finally found what he had been looking for all his life in a blend of Traditional Witchcraft (the nameless art), Heathenry and personal gnosis/exploration (vision/mystic).


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