It is now time to make kind and generous energies feel “at home.” Make a wind chime of “shiny objects” such as old keys, bits of jewelry and other items from your decluttering. For example, I have a lot of “mateless” earrings which I love even though they are only one of a pair.   These chimes abet gathering up the good energy of those unseen that can help protect you and drive away the not so helpful energy. Take a tree branch or a stick (a small piece of sea-smoothed driftwood is perfect); tie string around the shiny objects and attach to the wood. I go with 7 objects using that sacred lucky number and make sure they are close enough to touch and make the lovely, welcoming sound.  Hang the chimes where they can tinkle gently in the breeze and make contact with your guardian angels for you. Hang it in a window in your home or wherever you want to make contact with the spirit world.


Welcome the spirits by blessing the new chime by smudging it with incense and sage smoke. Jingle the chimes energetically while you speak this spell:


I call upon my angels to guide joy to my door
Such gladness as I receive, so I shall give
By the moon and the stars
I call upon my guardians
To show me the best way to live.
For this, I am grateful. Blessed be.