Dandelion Root: Grind this dried root and drink in direct moonlight; sleep will be sweet and look for clues and messages in your dreams. The humble dandelion, considered a bothersome weed by some many, hides its might well. Dandelion root tea can help you find lost treasure, money, wallets, even people. Gather together:

Two tablespoon clean dried dandelion root

2 cups hot water

Teapot and a  16 oz Pyrex heatproof pint-sized bowl that hold

Mortar and pestle

Oven mitts


With your mortar and pestle, grind the root and steep  with freshly boiled water in your teapot. Slip on your oven mitts, strain and pour into the bowl. Now hold the bowl in  your hand  and say aloud seven times what you are looking for. Afterward, pour the potion onto your front stoop or the steps in front of your home. What you are looking for will return to you.