When the moon is full, that means Mother Moon is at her zenith, parading in all her glory across the night sky. Rituals that transform and call forth your personal power and psychic awareness are called for at this time. The full moon is powerful and promotes strength and supremacy. Her luminous glow surrounds us, and now is the time to clean our ritual tools, scrying mirrors, tarot decks and crystals. Take time to honor the moon goddess during this phase. Wiccans have a tradition of “drawing down the moon,” which is a way of invoking the moon’s power into your body, thereby embodying the lunar goddess.

Although many cultures around the world have had ceremonies to celebrate the full moon, only a few are still practiced today. The Balinese have received wide interest for their full moon ritual, and Bali has become a popular destination for people on a pilgrimage who want to be in touch with the sacred. A growing number of nature-worshiping people gather in magical circles to do the same in North America and Europe.

In Peru there is a sacred site, the Quenko-Labyrinth of the Serpent, where full moon ceremonies are held. It is believed that on this site you can experience your true connection with the earth, the feminine and life, for this sacred site embodies the Goddess. Rites of passage and sacred ritual offerings have been performed here for centuries. Shamans teach this as an important way for humankind to connect with and balance nature and community.