In what has been called the Glorious Autumn of '79, author-priestess Margot Adler (1946-2014) set out on a coast-to-coast tour promoting her newly-released book, the instant classic Drawing Down the Moon.

On November 13, she was scheduled to speak in an occult bookstore in one of the two small cities that span the Red River on the Minnesota-North Dakota border.

As she arrived at the bookstore, she was met on the sidewalk by a group of irate fundie protestors. One angry nazz threw a stone that struck Adler in the forehead, wounding her superficially.

Nothing daunted, Adler, blood streaming down her face, turned towards the crowd and raised her arms. The chanting Christians immediately fell silent.

“And your little dog, too!” she cackled.

Then she entered the store and began her talk.

For this reason, the two cities spanning the Red River on the Minnesota-North Dakota boundary have since come to be known as Margot-Forehead.

And that, best beloved, is the end of the story, and that's the beginning of the story.

And let us all say:

So mote it be.