Help! I need an answer to a theological question, and I need it quick.

As I write this, the little terracotta goddess lies sleeping, wrapped in silk, on a shelf in the pantry.

But soon she'll be standing out in the corner of the garden, plunged to her thighs in the ground. Through the summer to come—night and day, rain and shine—she will watch over the growth of this year's tomatoes, eggplants, cucumbers, squash, beans, herbs, and greens.

So here's the question. Does the Garden Goddess go into the ground:

  1. when I till, or
  2. when I plant, and
  3. why?

Since both plowing and sowing are analogous to sexual intercourse, it seems to me that a case could be made for either.

(Received Tradition doesn't, to the best of my knowledge, specifically address the issue of setting out bedding plants—interesting term—but, for current purposes, let's include planting them along with seeding.)

So think quickly. Spring is upon us in good earnest, and I need to know soon!