In these turbulent times filled with heightened politic activism, we have a handbook for how to enhance our effectiveness through magical means. Magic for the Resistance: Rituals and Spells for Change was written by Michael M Hughes after his worldwide #BindTrump working. It is a perfect blend of Paganism and politics. 

What's the meaning of #MagicResistance? It's for people using magic to serve others: the dispossessed, those with no voices, animals, trees, etc. Anyone can join. Use it to promote progressive, inclusive, and liberating trends. Move beyond magic for strictly personal growth and turn your talents and gifts to the wider world!

The book begins with who should use it and how. There's a handy section on the history of magic and social activism.

Hughes'-originated #BindTrump ritual in 2017 was the largest mass magical working in history. Some continue it today, with workings at 1159pm EST every waning crescent moon.

The book contains a nice magical toolkit, demonstrating how you can use what you've already got to make an impact. My favorite is to send tarot cards to our elected representatives. If I'm angry, my fallback is The Tower or The Devil! But there are plenty of uses. I make color copies of my cards so as not to bang up the deck.

Huges includes a very good discussion on ethics, which is critical for magical interference. He lays a good foundation -- spells don't even start until page 175. The spells themselves seem heavily influenced by ceremonial magic -- at no point does me mention raising a Wiccan cone of power, for instance.

But the spells! Great, simple yet powerful spells covering Black Lives Matter, reproductive rights, LGBTQ+ protection, calling bullshit, #MeToo, and even a hex for the NRA (use all hexes with caution). In short, spells for every political action you can be involved with as a liberal or progressive. Conservatives, you'll have to write your own book! ;-)

The book wraps with a good appendix and a plethora of resources.

This is the perfect get-your-hands-dirty component of this column. You make a difference. You may feel like just a drop in the ocean, but what is an ocean but a multitude of drops? Touch into your power today and turn the world in a more just direction!