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Venus in Shadow: Venus Retrograde and Samhain

Posted by on in Culture Blogs

October is a time of transition. As we approach Samhain, the Veil becomes thin, and communication between the sunlit world of the living and the shadow world of the spirits becomes easier. This is the hinge of the year, a time when the movement of the Wheel accelerates. The Year at Samhain shifts radically, from the time of growth and light to the time of the Descent, into darkness and decline.

                This year the time of descent and introspection has been made harder by one of the most challenging astrological transits, Venus retrograde. As with any retrograde, Venus retrograde throws into shadow all things in its purview: partnerships, relationships, love and all matters of the heart. Because Venus rules all emotional matters, the usual challenges of a retrograde transit are made even more personal. We are compelled to revisit and re-evaluate some of the most painful and powerful moments of our past: betrayals, break ups, the loss of loved ones, all out regrets and missteps.  The shadow-time of Venus shines a harsh light on our past misconduct and brings forward out unresolved pain and insecurities.  We are not able to hide from those things we attempt to conceal even from ourselves, those repressed and degraded parts of our selves and our memories that we cannot bear to look at.

                These emotional sore spots loom large in our minds at this time, and as we celebrate this most solemn Sabbat, they take on even deeper poignancy. With the Veil so thin, and our recollections of those we have lost so present, it is not easy to look past our griefs and sorrows to more joyous memories. Venus retrograde’s challenges can be painful, especially if we try and fight against it. Until Venus goes direct on November 16, it is better to embrace the lessons and blessings of this retrograde transit, however painful they might be:

·         Venus retrograde is not a good time to enter into partnerships of any kind, whether they be professional, commercial, or personal. This is not a good time to marry or begin new romances

·         Venus retrograde is a time when misunderstandings, quarrels, and break ups are common, so take care when hard words are spoken. Rifts and estrangements are easier to begin, and less likely to be mended.

·         This is a time when dissatisfactions are more evident, and harder to shake off.  What may have been annoying or unpleasant in other times, during Venus retrograde can be unbearable. It is harder to come to compromise, or to accommodate what suddenly feels unendurable. These are not good times to enter into negotiations or make momentous decisions. Much better to wait until Venus is direct and more amenable.

·         Introspection and reflection is enhanced at this time. While this is not a good time for new ventures or romances, this is an excellent time to remember and re-evaluate past relationships, old loves, and past mistakes. This is a good time to lay to rest all obstacles  and old patterns that get in the way of our receiving assistance, support, and love

·         With this turn towards the inmost parts of ourselves, this is the best time to lavish love and care on ourselves. Take into account how we can best care for ourselves, and do those things. In the solitude of this time it’s appropriate for us to meditate, take long walks or long hot baths, get massages, and spoil ourselves. During Venus retrograde it is hard for us to feel as though we are being treated with all the loving care from others that we long for, so it is necessary to treat ourselves with all the care and kindness that we lavish on others.

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Leni Hester is a Witch and writer from Denver, Colorado. Her work appears in the Immanion anthologies "Pop Culture Grimoire," "Women's Voices in Magick" and "Manifesting Prosperity". She is a frequent contributor to Witches and Pagans and Sagewoman Magazines.


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