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The Obligatory Kenny Klein Post

I'm sure most everyone in the Pagan community that pays attention to media issues is aware of the situation concerning the arrest of Kenny Klein and the subsequent fallout in the community and elsewhere. I'm not going into it, and it is not on my agenda to do so. Everything that has been, or can be said is being communicated in a better way than I could on the subject.

That said, I have this simple statement to make:

Kenny Klein's music, both solo work as well as his work with Odds Bodkin has been removed from the Magick Jukebox library permanently and will not return. This is the only right thing that should be done and I have dealt with it.

I have nothing more to say on this issue, as it pertains to The Magick Jukebox. Those of you who know me personally and on Facebook may hear more, but I am keeping those issues off the podcast forum.

Yours in independent Pagan music,


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David Banach is a husband, father, active member of his local Pagan community and host of The Magick Jukebox Podcast. He has nearly 10 years of experience with the genre of Pagan music.


  • Greybeard
    Greybeard Wednesday, 09 April 2014

    I am sad of your decision. Depriving many people of a library of good music does not relate to the accusations. Whatever else Kenny did, his music was good.

  • David Banach
    David Banach Wednesday, 09 April 2014

    Regardless of his talent and quality of his music, writing, or art, the fact remains that any future reference to his work will be tainted by his actions. I strive to put out the highest quality shows and blogs that I can. I cannot allow that negative energy in my productions. I do the podcast and blog for the love of the music and the artists that make it possible. My goal in sharing this with the listeners and readers is to promote this music so the artists can sell CDs and concert tickets. When they do so, it allows then to continue making great music and art. I, personally, cannot endorse Kenny's work because I will not support him in any way.

  • Ali Kelly
    Ali Kelly Wednesday, 09 April 2014

    Just a note: Pedophilia is NOT CURABLE. A pedophile can be chemically castrated, forced to never interact with children, and monitored. But a pedophile's mind views children as viable sexual partners and they don't see anything wrong with that. A pedophile will say they are 'just sharing love' with children. I'm a survivor, I know a lot of survivors, and one of my closest friends worked in a mental institute for quite a while. They had pedophiles incarcerated there and they all had this same way of thinking. A pedophile can never be 'cured'. They will always think the same way about children. ALWAYS take it serious when someone underage bring allegations of abuse, molestation, or predatory behavior. Report pedophiles or suspected pedophile behavior, because you never want it to be too late to save a child from sexual abuse. Once it happens, there is NO WAY to take a child's innocence back and the child will carry that damage for the rest of their lives. So sayeth a survivor, so mote it be.

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