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Teen Witch

Teen Witch:
Wicca for a New Generation
by Silver Ravenwolf,
Llewellyn, 1998.

Editor’s note: as this is currently a top-seller for the publisher and the only book like it on the market, we’ve included two different reviews of this title.

The cover is inexcusably sleazy, but if you can get past that, Teen Witch is a well-intentioned and informative book packed with helpful material, written in a breezy style that should appeal to a wide range of teen readers.

Silver Ravenwolf bravely addresses popular misconceptions about the Craft and brings clarity and a real sense of ethics and integrity to the subject: her heart is very clearly in the right place.

With practical how-to tips on many witchy practices — establishing sacred space, making altars, keeping a book of shadows, performing basic rituals — as well as at-a-glance elements of practical magic (color, candle, herbal, etc.), Teen Witch is a useful, comprehensive guide for any interested teen.

I showed the book to two adolescents and we all agreed: the most creative and enjoyable part of the book is the extensive collection of spells, divided according to type — healing, prosperity, love (but Ravenwolf is careful to explain the no-coercion thing), protection, and a just-for-fun section. I haven’t performed a spell in years, but some of these were irresistible — I think I’ll be making a Yule Prosperity Ornament for our tree this year!

Images of witches in recent media have attracted the interest and attention of a new generation. Silver Ravenwolf ’s Teen Witch will help to put that generation on the right path.

— Reviewed by Cait Johnson

One of the jewels in Teen Witch is an introductory chapter for parents of teen witches. It is especially geared for parents who are not Wiccan and maybe afraid of their kids’ activities. The chapter for kids includes a wonderful introduction to Silver, who is a mother of four of her own children. She offers the best age-appropriate guide for Teens I have seen. It addresses common concerns for teenagers. With wonderfully clear and grounded ethics for teen issues spells address how to deal with the challenges of teen life such as parents, siblings, teachers and other relationships. In my experience with teens drawn to magic, they often want the glamor and the drama.

RavenWolf ’s commitment to appropriate use of power and respect of others is consistent throughout the book. Teens need this teaching of ethical practice. She offers it with understanding, humor, and compassion.

The basics of Wiccan practice are well covered along with Wiccan holidays. Many aspects of romance are found in spells such as: “Back off Baby spell,” “Call Me,” “Don‘t Call Me,” and “Peter, Paul or Harry.” Healing spells offer working with angels and even the rosary for teens witches who live in Catholic households. These spells can even be playful and amusing like the Rock and Roll healing spell in which one rolls rocks down a hill while playing a favorite CD! (I may try this myself!)

This is a good book to keep for reference with anyone who works with teens. It is a must for Pagan parents and Teen Witch would make a good gift for any teen curious about the Craft.

— Reviewed by Judy Shook

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