newWitch #16 - Raven Digitalis

newWitch #16 - Raven Digitalis

Interview with Raven Digitalis, author of "Goth Craft" and "Shadow Magick Compendium". Plus an interview with Scott Helland and the Traveling Band of Gypsy Nomads; "Yourself: the Only Authority You'll Ever Need"; "Everyone's a Psychic -- Yes, Even You"; Lupa on why magic isn't safe -- but we do it anyway, and Shanti Fader on making yourself your Own Fairy Godmother. Plus "Lapdancing for the Goddess" and columns on altar tools with sexual symbolism, the magic of place, magical persectives on role-playing games, and a spotlight on the Pagan band Dragon Ritual Drummers.

80 pages, release January 2008

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