PanGaia #14 - Samhain to Yule

PanGaia #14 cover

PanGaia #14 - Rituals of Life and Death

The Rainbow Tribe: A Spiritual Family · The Darshan of Kernnunos: An Encounter With Divinity · Psychopomp: Conductors of the Dead · King Ambar and the Vish-Noo Flinger: Pagan Fiction by James Fadiman · God of Our People: Odin the Feminist · Rituals of Life and Death: Japanese Syncretism · Catastrophes & Earth Changes: The Truth Behind Geomyths · Finding Our Talents: Everyone's Individual Magic · Toe to Toe: Can You Be a Christian and a Pagan? · A Secret Place: The Earth as a Temple · Seasons of the Earth: Samhain, Feast of the Dead · EarthMother Stories: The Pack Rat · Family Living: The Making of Instruments, Part 2 · What's Up?: Andromeda in the Winter Sky · Mundane Magic: How We Deal With Death · 80 illustrated pages. Edited by Diane Conn Darling. Published in Winter 1997.

Available in classic paper by mail.


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