PanGaia #21 - The Great Witch Hunt

PanGaia #21 cover

PanGaia #21 - The Great Witch Hunt

The Great European Witch Hunt · In Defense of Hades · Of Castles aand Matriarchs: An Interview With Olivia Robertson · Study Spell For the Urban Pagan · Fionn and Aillen of the Sidhe: Irish Folk Tale Retold by Chris Thompson · Gods of Our People: Sibyls, Cycles, and Changes · A Cross-Cultural Introdcution to Magickal Dolls · The Magic and Science of Rainbows · A Halloween Story: Taking a Stand · Peace Corps Pagan · Toe to Toe: Is Hexing Evil? · Seasons of the Earth: Autumn Equinox · A History of Healing Within Withcraft and Paganism, Part 2 · Into Her Womb: Revisting the Ancient Earth Shrines of the Mother Goddess in Crete · Panacocha: Protecting the Ecuadorian Amazon · Seeing is Believing: The Power of Imagery · Rental Goddess · 80 illustrated pages. Edited by Diane Conne Darling. Autumn 1999.

Available in classic paper by mail.

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