PanGaia #24 - Native Traditions

PanGaia #24 cover

PanGaia #24 - Native Traditions

Miracle and the Return of the White Buffalo Woman · Medicine Wheel: A Short Life for a Sacred Buffalo · The Tatanka Alliance: Hope for the Buffalo of the Black Hills · The Passing of a Traditional Shaman: Abuela Guadalupe de la Cruz · Medicines of the Rain Forest · Wanting to be Indian: When Spiritual Searching Becomes Cultural Theft · Witches, Allies, Warriors: Three Perspectives on Intercultural Relations · Religions of Place and People: Ethnic Religions Outside of Their Homelands · Between the Generations: A Conflict of Multiethnicity · Not Indian Enough: Amerindian Witches · Fate or Freedom: The Perils and Opportunities of Prophecy · Green Friends: Eco-Spirituality on a First Name Basis · "Ai-Ai!": The Cry of the Forgotten Takilma · Earth Religions Awareness Week · Toe to Toe: Did the Pope Really Apologize? · Ritual World: The Attraction of Taoism · Magick in the Third Dimension: The Magic of Taste · Deep Time Medicine · Ask Your Mama · Rental Goddess · 80 illustrated pages. Edited by Dianne Conne Darling. Summer 2000.

Available in classic paper by mail.

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