PanGaia #27 - Honoring Gaia

PanGaia #27 cover

PanGaia #27 - Honoring Gaia

The Big Picture: Why the Environment and the Economy Aren't Really at War · Preserving Our Medicinal Plants · Sugar Windows: The Beauty and Utility of Heritage Apples · Dianic Gaianism: An Organic Spiritual Path · Growing an Eco-Village at Twin Oaks · Creating a Common Vision: Five Ways to Seed and Cultivate Your Own Community · Grin and Bear It: The Story of La Tigresa · Seeding the Goddess Into Our Lives: An Interview With Sacred Source Founder Freeman Allen · Return to Avalon: Goddess Culture in Glastonbury · The Science and Magic of Air · You Can't Stop Progress by John Broussard · Toe to Toe: Should the Makah Be Permitted to Hunt Whales? · Underworld Perspective: The Faery Realm · Magick in the Third Dimension: The Power of Self Love · Goddess Journeys: Culture War at Çatal Höyük · Deep Time Medicine: Cyber Jukebox Benefit for Rainforests · The Gospel According to Gaia: Do We Need Charity? · Gaian Gardening: Our Ancestor Plants · The Last Word: The Power of the Worm · Ask Your Mama · Rental Goddess · 80 illustrated pages. Edited by Elizabeth Barrette. Spring 2001.

Available in classic paper by mail.

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