PanGaia #32 - The Power of Myth & Legend

PanGaia #32 cover

PanGaia #32 - The Power of Myth & Legend

Urban Legends: Mythology for an Internet Age · A Wilderness of Steel: Uncovering the Roots of Urban Legends · Mermaids! Sirens of the Sea · Hot Pattootie, Bless My Soul · Drawing Down the Moon, the Movie · Creating the Pagan Future: Solidarity · There Should Have Been Ravens · Shadows of the Sun: The Beauty of Black Flowers · It's the Sweat That Makes Them Sweeter · Toe to Toe: Should Pagans Circle in Single Gender Groups? · Hot Flash by Ji Goss · Pandora by Jamie Freeman · Words and Wheels: Lammas · Gaian Gardening: Berries for the Picking · Wolf Journeys: Using All Six Senses · Connecting the Dots: Pagan Kids and Education · Goddess in America: Las Vegas · The Gospel According to Gaia: Fraud and Paganism · The Last Word: Lions, Tiger, and Bears · Ask Your Mama · Rental Goddess · 80 illustrated pages. Edited by Elizabeth Barrette. Summer 2002.

Available in classic paper by mail.

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