PanGaia #34 - Healing Paths

PanGaia #34 cover

PanGaia #34 - Healing Paths

Herbs as Healers: Alternative Formulas For Treating Cancer · The Heart of Healing: How Aromatherapy Changed My Life · Empathy: The Passion Within · Do You Hear What I'm Saying? Empathy in Speculative Fiction · On a Wing and a Prayer: Can Prayer Heal? · But What Do We Do If It Works?: The Ethics of Theapeautic Prayer · Spirit of the Land: Adventure at Krysuvik · Eating the Salmon of Wisdom: Deep Ecology & the Celtic Imagination · Writing From a Wild Place · Listening to Trees · Creating the Pagan Future: Accountability and Responsibility · A Little Red by Melodie Bolt · Underworld Perspective: Feary Healing · Words and Wheels: Ostara · Gaian Gardening: Compose and Decompose? · Wolf Journeys: The Truth of Instinct · Connecting the Dots: Dealing With Hate Crimes · Goddess in America: White Buffalo · The Last Word: Eight Tiny What? · Ask Your Mama · Rental Goddess · 80 illustrated pages. Edited by Elizabeth Barrette. Winter 2003.

Available in classic paper by mail.

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