PanGaia #38 - Ancient Pagans

PanGaia #38 cover

PanGaia #38 - Ancient Pagan Culture

In Praise of the Mammoth · A Millennium Without War?: Archaeological Debate in Crete · Ancient Archetypes of the Jomon: Neolithic Japan · The Sacred History of Clay · The Dilemma of the Dying God · Remember the Mothers: Matrilineal Societies Past, Present, and Future · Toe to Toe: Does Radical Protest Work? · Letting Go in French Polynesia · Creating a Pagan Bookshelf: Part II, Contemporary Classics · Underworld Perspective: Ancestral Time and Consciousness · Words & Wheels: Handfastings · Trail of Beauty: Spring, a Season of Wonder · Connect the Dots: Pagan Business · Goddess in America: Home and Hearth Fire · The Last Word: Migration · Rental Goddess

80 illustrated pages. Edited by Elizabeth Barrette. Mar- June 2004

Available in classic paper by mail.

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