PanGaia #42 - Celtic Spirituality

PanGaia #42 cover

PanGaia #42 - Celtic Spirituality

Voices of Modern Druidry · Being Druid Today · Cutting the Celtic Knot · Among the Stones · The Glimmering Girl: Women and Nature in the Celtic Imagination · Spiral of Time: The Unfurling Way of Life · Faith-Based Charity: Pagan Style · Toe to Toe: Do Paganism and Polyamory Go Together? · The Karma of Wasps by Patricia Snodgrass · Underworld: Celts: Past and Present · Trail of Beauty: Animal Magic · Tarot Journey: The Truth That Lies Beneath · Mind & Magic: The Shadow Knows · Connections: Witch Hunts Today

80 illustrated pages. Edited by Elizabeth Barette. Autumn 2005.

Available in classic paper by mail.

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