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White Mountain Druid Sanctuary (WMDS) is a Druid inspired Pagan site in Trout Lake, Washington. This blog describes the planning and creation of the Stone Circle, Shrines and physical surroundings that are being built there.

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Salamis, successor to Enkomi (Cyprus)

Salamis, Cyprus - successor to Enkomi


Salamis lies on the east coast very near to Enkomi, and archaeologists believe that it was founded after Enkomi was hit by an earthquake in 1075 BCE. The inland harbor of Enkomi was also silting up, and Salamis had a good harbor right on the sea.


By the end of the 8th c. BCE, Salamis was an extremely wealthy trading city, and was even minting its own coins by the 5th c. BCE. It thrived under the Persians, but when Alexander the Great died in 323 BCE, his General Ptolemy, who had taken control of Egypt, also took Cyprus, and he eliminated the kingships of the various city states, including Salamis, and made Kourion, on the other side of the island, into the capital. Salamis continued to be a major, if somewhat diminished, hub while Kourion grew in prosperity.


The earthquakes of 332 CE and 342 CE devastated the city, but it was rebuilt by the Roman Emperor, Constantius II, who renamed the town Constantia. However, the harbor was silting up badly and around 648 CE the last residents moved out to another town nearby. Famagusta, just a few miles to the south of Salamis, then became the premier city of the area, and a capital of the island in Medieval times.


This site of HUGE, but mostly unexcavated. What I've shown here covers a tiny part of the site, and we didn't have enough time to visit the rest of it. So, I obviously have to return!



The Palestra of Salamis




Columns of the Palestra. Note how they are not all the same height. This structure was built using bits of the city that had been destroyed by earthquake. Recycle and reuse, I guess.



Statue of the Goddess Persephone. Her face would have been carved in white marble and added to the statue. I believe this may be a copy.




This is the toilet area. Along the wall is a trough that had marble seats above it, with water running continuously through the trough, carrying wastes away. This toilet area could accommodate 50 or 60 people at a time!




Supports for the marble toilet seats, over the trough.




The toilet trough with seat supports at the end. Most of the supports and all of the seats are no longer in situ.




The Frigidarium of the Baths off of the Palestra. This is the 'cold' room in the baths. There were two sides to the baths, with identical rooms. Perhaps one side for men and one from women?




The Cauldarium, or 'hot' room. What's left of it.




Hypocaust tiles at the base of the walls of the Cauldarium. When complete, these tiles would have gone up the entire height of the walls, carrying the hot, smokey air that had been circulating under the floor, out of the building. Thus, the room was heated under floor and through the walls.




The theatre (rebuilt)




Another view of the theatre. Originally, all the seats would have been of marble, like the ones in the lower rows. The upper rows are missing.




The theatre has two statues that each stand on either side of the Orchestra. The one on the left (pictured) appears to be holding a mask of Tragedy. If so, the other must have been holding a mask of Comedy, but there isn't enough left to tell.




This is the view from the top of the theatre.

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