Eclectic Elementals: The Magic & Spirituality of the Elements

This is not a specifically named, established path like Asatru, Kabbalah, Hermeticism, Kemeticism, Wicca or Santeria. Yet the Elemental Path can be adapted to any practice, traditional or modern, and the Elements are indeed present and utilized in all practices and systems. It can also be, as it is for me, its own completely original, self-contained and self-defined path. It is the path of peeking behind all the named and well-presented curtains; of getting to the heart of All and of connecting to and honoring the mystical, essential building blocks of everything in existence, from the planet to our souls.

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Find Your Elemental Tribe

Spring is, in my opinion, the best time of year to really connect with nature, the elements, and elementals. Everything is coming back to life and is fresh and new. 

Fire, the first element and initiating spark and spirit of all life makes its vibrant, solar return in spring and continues to gain strength and heat until the peak at midsummer. Fire burns, water flows and rains down, the fragrant air stirs and the earth bears new growth. All the elements have returned in all their glory. 

Most everyone has probably heard the popular saying “Your vibe attracts your tribe”. Indeed, but how often do we think of our tribe in non-human terms? It may or may not come as a surprise to know that not only do we all have a tribe, but that tribe includes animal, plant, crystal and shell allies. It includes whole natural features like mountains, meadows, rivers, lakes, beaches, caves, cliffs, deserts, tundras and forests. 

In her Native Spirit oracle guidebook, Denise Linn says of the card Gathering Your Tribe, “Your people are those who resonate with you. (Your people can include animals, plants, minerals, and trees, as well as people.) Be willing to ask for what you want in life. This is the time to put your needs before the needs of others. Your tribe is waiting to support and nurture you, as you nurture yourself. Sometimes your friends are more your family than blood relatives. Find your people and cherish them. Your vibe attracts your tribe.” 


After I experienced a very emotionally (not to mention mentally and spiritually) traumatic episode which forever changed my whole life last year, I had a healing session with a wonderful local shaman of Apache descent. After she performed the healing, she described to me the things and people that she saw in her vision. She told me “You have been associating with people who are not aligned with your vibration”. 

Of all the things we talked about, the work she did, the visions she had, the healers and ancestors who appeared to assist her, that was the phrase (especially in the context of her vision which was almost identical to a dream I had had several years ago) that has stuck with me the most and seemed the most important thing for me to know and remember after all I had been through, and would continue to go through. 

When we have, or try to have, relationships, friendships, associations of any kind with people who are not being genuine and/or aren’t aligned with our own vibes and intentions, it eventually becomes quite toxic and it not only slows our progress, but it damages our spirits and our powers. The universe, the elements, nature, the gods, the ancestors, any powers that be and especially those that you work with or honor will do what they must to free you from what is holding you back, deceiving you and hurting you.

Certain events left me feeling deeply betrayed, insulted, humiliated, brokenhearted and just all around broken in general. But being forced to spend even more time alone and to fashion a new life from the ashes and rubble of my old life brought me many wonderful (and some not so wonderful) learning experiences and led me to powerful new allies in nature. I journeyed, received profound messages, I took meditative walks in nature and listened to the whispers and omens of trees, flowers, rain, breezes, birds and other animals. Both my love of and connection to nature and the elements was deepened. 

I have been finding my tribe. Possibly a few human members of my true tribe, but much more have I been finding and connecting with my elemental tribe and my nature allies. When people leave you broken, wounded, and full of doubt and anguish, where else would and should we turn but to the powerful, beautiful, flawless nature of which we are an intrinsic part? I would like to share with you a personal affirmation I created to help me tune in to my place in and the healing power of the supreme being that is Nature…

I am divinity incarnate,

A perfect part of Nature.

I am whole unto myself,

A sacred co-creator. 


When it comes to finding our tribe, our truth, and our best and highest self, we obviously must start with ourselves. Find your center, spiral out into the beauty and majesty of nature and learn to listen in silence, learn to feel and to tread in the wilderness with the instincts, stealth and innate sense of belonging of any wild creature. 

Find the crystals from deep in the earth’s flesh that resonate with you and help to ground and regenerate you. Find the unique shells created in the waters of the earth by precious, living animals that have messages for you about your emotions and your subconscious. Find the breathing plants, flowers and trees that give us oxygen and teach the lessons that cannot be found on the pages made from their corpses. Follow the luminaries in the cosmos and all creatures, plants and stones that resonate with the energy of primal fire, and find your own inner fire – your talents, your passion, your instinct and intuition – that animates and invigorates you and illuminates the truth and the way to your tribe. 

Nature is here to nurture us, provide for us, teach us and heal us and we are here to be her stewards and students, not overlords. Find your natural, elemental tribe, and then your human people will be drawn to you.


© 2019 Meredith Everwhite - All Rights Reserved


Image: "Seven White Horses" by Eyvind Earle


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I have been studying and practicing the occult to varying degrees for most of my life now. My personal path has led me from being forcefully raised as a reluctant Mormon, to an agnostic wanderer studying all religions, to a witch and heathen (first in groups/covens then as a solitary) to a shamanic practitioner and now to just myself - an unaffiliated, unlabeled, godless worshipper of Nature and the Elements.


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