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Honor the Bull part 3

Posted by on in Paths Blogs

In Part 3, I talk about the story of the Wall Street Bull and its blocking and unblocking. How did I see a news story that was no longer there when I looked again? Perhaps the universe supplied it so I would be inspired to honor the Bull. 

The story of the Wall Street Bull and its blocking by an opposing statue goes like this, according search engine research. The Bull was sculpted after an 80s era stock market crash, to encourage the economy to recover. It was always intended as a symbol of prosperity, and specifically of recovery after a period of less prosperity. 

The Bull statue was sculpted by Arturo di Modica and it was placed by surprise in front of the New York Stock Exchange, without the city’s permission. Later, the city moved it a couple of blocks away, where it became a popular tourist destination. 

The blocking statue was Fearless Girl, which its sculptor Kristen Visbal also placed by surprise, without the city’s permission. It appeared in front of Charging Bull, staring it down and blocking it. Visbal stated that it was intended to encourage gender diversity. However, magically and spiritually, it was blocking a widely acknowledged symbol of prosperity, one empowered by millions of people across decades and which hooked into prosperity symbolism from the dawn of civilization, and which was created with the intent to strengthen prosperity. 

The sculptor of the Bull, di Modica, asked for Fearless Girl to be moved because it distorted the intent of his Charging Bull from a symbol of prosperity to a villain. The city moved Fearless Girl from in front of the Bull to in front of the Stock Exchange in 2018, after it had stood in front of the Bull for a little over a year. Thus, the blockage of the Bull was already removed years ago. The blockage of the Bull’s power and prosperity was already gone, though a plaque of its footprints remained in place. The Bull was left as it was originally intended, charging forward in strength, shaking its horns in joy to let prosperity flow. 

So, what was up with the story I saw on my social media? I didn’t click on it when I saw it, but according to Google, last year, the city decided to let the Fearless Girl remain in front of the stock exchange an additional year, which would end this year, 2023. I read every page of search results and tried a different browser and read every page of search results again, and could not confirm that a decision had been made about where the Fearless Girl statue was going to go or if it had been moved again. Perhaps if it is moved away from the stock exchange to a more neutral location it can become truly just a symbol for women’s empowerment, as it was originally stated to be. There are other problems with the Fearless Girl as a feminist message, but those are beyond the scope of this essay about its possibly unintended effect against prosperity, so I’ll leave those be. They are easy to find and read about, unlike the 2023 decision story that evaporated when I looked for it. 

How did a story appear on my fb feed and then become so much vapor? I don’t know, maybe it was a slip from an alternate universe. Has that weasel been at the supercollider again? 

In any case, I was inspired to honor the Bull, for everyone’s prosperity. And I’d like to ask my readers to consider honoring the Bull as well. (How to honor the Bull for prosperity was covered in Part 1.)

Hail the Bull! Hail Freyr! 


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Erin Lale is the author of Asatru For Beginners, and the updated, longer version of her book, Asatru: A Beginner's Guide to the Heathen Path. Erin has been a gythia since 1989. She was the editor and publisher of Berserkrgangr Magazine, and is admin/ owner of the Asatru Facebook Forum. She also writes science fiction and poetry, ran for public office, is a dyer and fiber artist, was acquisitions editor at a small press, and founded the Heathen Visibility Project.


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