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Blue Moon Myth

Blue Moon Creation Myth


In the beginning, on the Earth, there was only a great oak tree, firmly rooted in the ground. During the same time, the Moon circled the Earth, but seemed much, much closer than it does today. The great oak tree felt that its tallest branches actually touched the Moon, and that the leaves created those patterns that can be seen on the surface of that orb to this day

One day, on the day of the first Blue Moon, the Moon began its pass over the Earth and the great oak tree. Since this was the day of the first Blue Moon, and since the Full Moon had made two passes of the Earth that particular month, the Moon was tired and did not come as close to the Earth as it usually did

The great oak was surprised by the distance of the Moon, for it has always touched the Moon as it moved overhead. The great oak looked up and noticed that the Moon was blue and not its normal white. Concerned by its fatigued friend, the great oak said, “You look weary my friend – have I done something that concerns you, because you have pulled away, and I can no longer feel the comfort of my hands upon your shining face.”

The Moon looked down at this solitary tree and said “I too miss the reassurance of your touch. You have sculpted me into the orb I am: shining, round, and proud. My journeys while full have brought me around twice this month, and my energies are low. Your touch not only gave me a face, but also brought me company. I will give you a gift, as long as you always hold your hands up towards me and remember my face.”

The great oak said to the Moon “my leaves will always shine bright at night, reflecting your light”. The Blue Moon then moved closer to the great oak than ever before, so close that the Moon was resting on the uppermost branches. The light of the Moon changed from blue to white and the entire world was aglow with this magical light. The moonlight shone through the leaves of the tree and the varied patterns could be seen upon the ground beneath the great oak. All across the world, there were patches of light, from the Moon shining through the leaves, and areas of darkness, where the light could not penetrate. Wherever there was a patch of darkness on the ground, a new grove of oaks trees arose and when the magic was done, the Moon returned to its usual place in the sky.

The great oak looked out upon the great expanse of the Earth and found that it was no longer alone – there were countless oak trees in groves that stretched as far as could be seen. The Earth, in those times, was the land of oaks, and the great oak would tell the story, on every blue moon of how the Moon shone down, blessing the world with an abundance of trees.


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I am a long-time pagan and charter member of ADF, Ar nDraoicht Fein, a Druid Fellowship. I am a Senior Priest in as well as the Arch Druid of ADF. I am a Druid of the Third Order, RDNA; Druid Grade, OBOD; and a Second Degree Druid Companion in AODA. I love Druidry!  


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