I'm pleased and proud to announce the release of the new second edition of Labrys and Horns: An Introduction to Modern Minoan Paganism. Since the publication of the first edition in 2016, we've expanded our pantheon and sacred calendar, created a new standard ritual format for both groups and solitaries, and developed a set of spiritual practices that we all share.

When I say the second edition is expanded, I mean it. The first edition, in print format, is 140 pages long. The new second edition clocks in at 243 pages.

What's in the new edition? All this stuff:

The World of the Ancient Minoans: how the Minoans fit in with the rest of the ancient world, the seasons in the Mediterranean and how that impacts our sacred calendar, ancient Minoan spiritual life

Modern Minoan Paganism: our symbols and basic spiritual practices

The Pantheon: our gods and goddesses, their characteristics, and ways to develop relationships with them in the modern world

The Minoan Sacred Calendar: the holy days and festivals we celebrate as a modern revivalist Pagan tradition

The Rituals: our standard ritual format for groups and solitaries, rituals to consecrate your altar and connect with the Minoan pantheon, how to make offerings, an exploration of ecstatic postures

Devotionals: a great way to connect with the Minoan gods and goddesses - there's a devotional for every deity in our pantheon

Create It Yourself: make your own finger labyrinth, labrys-and-horns, or drop spindle

Compendium: find out about the foods, stones, incense, and herbs and Minoans used so you can add them to your practice

Resources: books and music to enrich your spiritual path

Over the past five years, Modern Minoan Paganism has solidified as a tradition. We've come a long way from a handful of folx in a Facebook group who just wanted to find others who felt a connection with the Minoan deities. I'm grateful for all the lovely people in our community who have participated in the development of MMP. I really mean it when I say we're all in this together.

In the name of the bee,
And of the butterfly,
And of the breeze, amen.