b2ap3_thumbnail_NutCosmicDream.jpgAt the winter solstice I can’t help but be aware that the earth is rushing inexorably towards its fatal crossing of the ecliptic on December 21.  After that longest night, the sun will rise a tiny bit earlier, set a bit later.  Before I know it, the year will have changed again, and life will have moved on as I sleep, whether I am ready for a new year or not. 

Deep in the quiet night, curled up beneath the warm of my down coverlet, I ponder the fragile balance of light and darkness, remembering that the Tanach says in Genesis that G_d separated the evening and the morning, then called them the first day.  In ancient Egypt, all life emerged from the water, but soon began the same sort of bicameral division, first into firmament and waters, then into snakes and frogs, and eventually into ta, the land of Kmt, and Hapy, the great river of life surging through it. Ages later, modern science told us a new story of cell division and multiplication. The act of creating would seem to necessitate divisions. 

But we may have taken that idea beyond its best logical conclusion.  Lacking an awareness of how we are still connected, even after the separation of creation, we find ourselves living in a world of them and us, I and Thou, like-me and other.  In this world, most humans cannot conceive of their own divine core, and so they make the gods into idols, the One into the Other.  If we plod our life’s course without integration, some of us become pathologically arrogant, and others broken in spirit.  Most religions resolve this dilemma by imposing a cult of deity worship to bridge the gap.  Those relationships can be valuable, but it’s possible that when we pray at the altar we are placing ourselves in front of a mirror, one that is dimly lit until we are ready to recognize our own face in its reflection. 

So, in the warm dark I try to release my busy mind, drift into the shallows of consciousness and hope to sail into the watery channel of dreaming wisdom. Somewhere inside me, I am convinced, waits a door welcoming me back to my full self.  Through that door I’ve traveled back and forth countless times in this life.  I hope to meet you there.