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Full Tilt Living

Full Tilt Living
by Maureen Smith
Red Wheel/Weiser


Full Tilt Living is a small, sweet book, optimistic and cheerful, intended to be of help to people in living more fully and completely. The author, Maureen Smith, is a hypnotherapist, a trainer, and a newsletter publisher. She has good will and good advice to offer. The book is nicely designed and the information is clearly stated and accessible. I found the illustrations appealing.

In 14 chapters Smith runs the gamut from how to practice basic positive thinking to how to get in touch with your chakras and your angels. She also covers physical, as well as emotional and spiritual, good health. There are exercises to enhance your ability to make positive lifestyle changes, as well as autobiographical examples.

Because it illustrated what she was speaking of so nicely, I would have enjoyed reading more of this personal information. Readers are invited to share their experiences with the book, which may be posted on the author’s website at


RATING: 3 Broomsticks

» Originally appeared in newWitch #02

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