Editorial Note: This post was the final one Lizann made to the world on Facebook, on May 20, 2018. She died, surrounded by her friends, loved ones, and many divine Beloveds, around 7 am on May 27, 2018. That which is remembered, lives. (Anne Newkirk Niven)

This is Lizann - in a moment of lucidity from the morphine - I have not crossed yet but feel it will be soon. My dear beloved Jeff Spencer will take over my FB and post as soon as he can depending on the time of day and circumstances - it could be hours, days, maybe weeks. I am floating in and out in a constant state of bliss. Again, for me this has not been a battle, I am not losing anything I am simply moving toward the end of what for me has been an amazing life filled with love, adventure, joy, challenge and so much life. Blessings my loves wherever you are on your journey. In my christian tradition today is Pentecost which in our story is the day the earthly energy of the human Jesus transitions into the Cosmic Christ it is a day of deep divine love. May you feel deep divine love this day and all days.