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Living in a sacred landscape, walking between the worlds in the veil of Avalon Glastonbury. Where the old gods roam the hills, and the sidhe dance beneath the moon...wander into the mists with me and let us see what we may find...

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Airmed of the healing herbs

Spring is here, but for so many in the world right now, the great greening of nature is overshadowed by our need to guard our health and bring healing to ourselves and our communities. Herbal medicine has been used throughout the world for millennia, and there are a great many herbal home remedies that can be used at this time to ease the symptoms of the dreadful pandemic we are now facing- none of these can be used to completely defeat the virus, or are substitutes for medical assistance when necessary- but they can help ease the symptoms. Simple herbs like thyme for tea to ease coughs, garlic nettle and licorice to support our health and healing, etc, are all useful and safe…with a host of advice to be found online for their uses- but a little extra magic can go a long way to supporting our healing, and  our states of mind when tackling illness in the home, and I’d like to share with you a little Irish lore which I apply when making my home remedies. I invoke the goddess Airmed, mistress of the healing herbs at times like this, to guide me and bless my work.

The following is an extract from my upcoming book, Wild Magic- Celtic folk tradtions for the solitary practitioner- coming Oct 2020 published by Llewellyn Worldwide.

The Story of Airmed’s cloak (Irish)

Dian Cecht, the Irish god of healing had won great renown by his works. At the battle of Magh Tuiredh Nuada the king had lost his arm, and thus his kingship, as the king had to be perfect in all ways. However, Dian Cecht made him an arm of silver, and after that he was known as Nuada Airgetlám, the silver handed. But Dian Cecht's reputation as the greatest healer of them all was challenged by his son, Miach, who by his art grew a new arm of flesh and blood and bone for Nuada, restoring him to wholeness. Dian Cecht became jealous, and tried to slay his son four times, but each time Miach healed himself, until the fourth and final time, when Cian Cecht struck him with a sword into his brain. Dian Cecht lamented his deeds and buried his son, and from his grave 365 herbs grew, each a cure for a different ailment.  Miach's sister, Airmed, gathered the herbs on her cloak, so that their uses could be known, but Dian Cecht grew jealous again and scattered them to the winds, so that none but those who already knew their secret could use them.      

In the second battle of Mag Tuiredh Dian Cecht had made a great cauldron of healing, now a well called Slane near Moytura, where the warriors of the Tuatha De Danann could be healed of their wounds. Some sources say he scattered the herbs into these waters to make a magical healing brew. However, it is to Airmed that most healers pray, that she may gift them the knowledge to help and to restore those afflicted by illness or wounding with the knowledge of the herbs she gathered. 


Calling upon Airmed

The goddess Airmed can be called upon at any time to assist you in understanding and improving your healing skills, especially with regards to all herbal medicine and growing healing herbs, as well as finding the right herbal remedy for your needs.

If you wish to develop your herbal skills, take a large green candle and inscribe her name upon it, leaving it out among your plants overnight to absorb their energy. Then when preparing your herbs or potions light the candle and call upon Airmed to assist you. You might like to try these words or use your own.

"Goddess Airmed, mistress of healing and herbal wisdom, help me to remember the ancient ways of the plant spirits and their virtues, that I too may learn to bring wholeness and healing. Beannachtai"

Take three deep breaths, and call her to you with your heart and clear intention.  Then as you gather your herbs, hang them to dry, seek which ones to use or prepare them in any other way, continue to speak to her and ask that she bless your work and the powers of the herbs themselves. If you are preparing a herbal tisane or salve for example, make a prayer to Airmed as you do so, and then take a moment placing your hands over the brew or mixture, and ask her to bless and empower your medicine for the best healing ends. Try drawing energy up from the earth into your hands, and projecting it into the herbs to add extra energy.

Be well! Beannachtai!

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Online courses books readings consultations and one to one coaching www.danuforest.co.uk

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Danu Forest is a wisewoman in the Celtic Bean Feasa tradition of her Irish ancestors. You could call her many things- witch, seer, walker between the worlds, healer, druid, priestess, teacher, writer, gardener, herbwife, stargazer, faery friend, tree planter, poet, and wild woman. Danu lives in a cottage near Glastonbury Tor in the midst of the Avalon lakes, in the southwest of England. Exploring the Celtic mysteries for over 25 years, and noted for her quality research, practical experience, as well as her deep love of the land, Danu writes for numerous national and international magazines and is the author of several books including Wild Magic, The Druid Shaman, Celtic Tree Magic, Gwyn ap Nudd and The Magical Year'. She teaches regular workshops and online courses and is available for consultations, including healings readings and other ceremonies.


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