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Ffiona Morgan lives here. Inside you will find a door that she opens into the mysteries of the metaphysical world: Goddess magic: air, earth, water, fire and spirit. Ritual magic and a cauldron spiritually full of healing energy you can use in ceremony, and everyday magic for your journey to self-love. Open that door to find the treasure.

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Fall (autumn) Equinox -- Mabon

Celebrate the inward journey
Join Persephone as She descends
Mother Earth turns toward Crone
As we dance the last dance
Half is Day, Half is night
Harvest moon, orange sight
Bless the dance, bless the rite
Half is Day, Half is Night
Spiral out, Spiral In
Harvest, death, rebirth again
Goddess-selves bless us all
Who spiral out and spiral in

Ila Suzanne

Equinox, when the scales are again balanced in perfect equilibrium, honors equal day, equal night. On September 22, Mother Sun enters the sign of Libra, balancing cardinal air sign, as she crosses, the equator, traveling south. The Full Moon peaks on September 19th on the Water and Fire Pisces-Aries cusp. The great wheel turns as the tide of summer recedes and Persephone (Kore) goes underground until spring. The second harvest is threshed and the days lengthen, as we spin into darkness. The Sun Queen of summer becomes the Lady of Shadows: sailing West, we follow her into the dark. Life declines, the season of bareness is upon us, yet we give fervent thanks to the Goddesses of plenty: Habondia, Demeter, and the Corn Mothers, for the feast we have been given. Tonight we share this harvest with those who do not have enough.

The fall air is brisk, shedding leaves of gold blow in the wind, yet I can still feel the waning sun, as the Moon glows orange. Today we meet to turn the wheel and weave the cord of life that will sustain us through the shadows. It is our first welcoming embrace of the Crone of winter and her dark time as we invoke the spirits of Equinox.

Blessed Be the day, for in the day we see what we must change: blessed be the night, for in the darkness we confront ourselves. Habondia, Goddess of Abundance, come to us in our time of need, and grant us the power to create our reality as we wish it to be.

The leaves’ flaming colors remind me that life burns most intensely just before it dies, and Autumn is the beginning of the season of death, when Kore descends. “Mountains merge with sunset lines and elders whisper ancient rhymes. Cauldrons smoke in sacred rites, as prayers flow to trancing drums” chant the Sisterhood of the Sacred Circle.

For me it is a time of introspection and taking stock, similar to Jewish Rosh Hashanah, a day of self-examination. I review mistakes, request forgiveness from anyone I may have offended, and make future resolves. Turning leaves, turning inward: I look deep into my soul. My altar Broom sweeps out internal debris, acknowledging my faults and weaknesses, relinquishing grudges, forgiving others (and myself), and asking: have I been honest? Loved enough? Been unkind? Judged others? Adhered to my own standards? Learned and then progressed as a human? Have I freely shared with others? Turning leaves, turning inward. We are at a point of balance: keeping some, letting go of some. Equinox is a fortuitous season to balance our relationships and energy commitments, such as examining the reasons we practice the craft or rededicating ourselves to spiritual living. Initiations are also potent at this time.

We embrace the richness, and in it find our own inner darkness.

Matriarchal traditions lingering in ancient Greece provided a separate holiday, Thesmophoria, October 11-13, for the official women’s yearly gathering, where they could list and settle injustices, grievances and offenses. Within the comprehensive political and social scope of their festival, they held a “bitching session”, where personal conflicts were aired, and even squared, with some ritual roughhousing. So the scales were balanced.

Autumn is the season of consciousness, and is governed by Air energy and the expansive communicating mind. It follows summer’s watery pleasures and intuitions, and the spring’s fire and renewal. Remember beautiful Mabon by gathering herbs and seeds in mojo bags, to later be sprinkled in a cauldron, some returning to earth. Be joyful and generous in praising and remember to look back from all work and take stock of the year’s achievements.

We evaluate our political position as wimmin on the national and international scene. The personal really is political: we change the world when we change ourselves.







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Ffiona Morgan is a feminist, artist, author, educator, psychologist and ordained high priestess of Isis.  She publishes Daughters of the Moon Tarot and several other books since 1980.  Ffiona has also been teaching Goddess lore and holding rituals globally for 40 years.  Her greatest love is the Goddess.

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