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I believe we can walk with Goddess by our side, but need to work on our relationship with Her just as we do our person-to-person ones. I'm a 50-something womon seeking and often stumbling along the path to a profound connection with Goddess in Her many aspects. The power of everyday rituals and moments can help light that path and serve as deep communication when words just get in the way.

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I Do Hereby Resolve....


All Hallow's Eve, oh holy night....but as my thoughts turn to this post, night hasn't fallen yet. Though Samhain is hours away, it feels as though perhaps the veil is thinning ahead of schedule. A low fog hovers, catching on tree branches,erasing the mountains as if they were mere figments of imagination, drifting around me like one of those ancestral wraiths seeking communion with the living once more. But no spirits come to visit, and instead my mind wanders, nebulous thoughts seeking form and being as evening draws closer. With the passing hours they begin to take shape.

We who walk this path share a gift, one known to a few other spiritual paths/religions--a spiritual new year. There will always be the horn-blowing, ball-dropping, sparkling-toast secular new year, but we're blessed with an extra new beginning, one that invites introspection and inspiration. We also get an extra opportunity to make--and make good on--resolutions, different ones perhaps than vows to reacquaint ourselves with the treadmill or be more organized. And so as the windy gloaming sweeps away one year and blows in the new, I ask myself how I can be--and do--better, how can I deepen my connection with Goddess, continue this journey of healing, nurturing and regrowing that once-fractured relationship. As darkness falls, each answer sparks, flickers and flares into being...a trio of flames lighting this moody, dark, rainy Samhain.

The first is to embrace gratitude, open my eyes, heart and soul to the astounding blessings in my life and consciously I think it isn't enough for me to say thank you; I intend to breathe gratitude, to sink into, as one might with a tub of scented bubbles and warm water, an acknowledgment and honoring of the myriad blessings, small and large, that comprise my life.

In the words of Supertramp (for those old enough to remember!), "take time to make time, make time to be there"  and there lies my second resolution. I'm not showing up, often enough, or fully enough. A nod to the turning of the Wheel, a brief loving glance at the rising Moon doesn't count. Yes, my life has crazy busy moments, but far too often it's lazy, not crazy, getting in the way. I need to remember quality over quantity (although there needs to be a greater quantity as well); a meaningful, connected ritual won't leave me clock-watching. Being present and accounted for is a critical part of any relationship. I vow to show up more, with all of me present.

The third flame is that of creativity. I promise to get out of my head and create more, to open myself to the flow of the Universe. How better to honor the Goddess, the Source of all-that-is than to honor and be open to the miracle of birth and transformation, not for comments or compliments but for the magic of inspiration and creation. And when that door is open, who knows what else may cross the threshold?

Three flames to welcome Samhain. May they shine through the dark times, filling my soul with Her light and love.

Did you make Samhain resolutions? You're most welcome to share them here....Happy New Year, all!

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I'm a Goddess-loving Pagan with a strong affinity for Brigid & Quan Yin, writer, (very) novice fiber artist, and mother of two adult sons. My beloved partner & I live at the foot of the Catskill Mountains with our 3 cats, 2 dogs, 3 chickens, and three honeybee hives.


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